Duotone Daytona 105 Full Carbon High Performance Race Hydrofoil

Duotone Daytona 105 Full Carbon High Performance Race Hydrofoil

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Duotone Daytona 105 - Full Carbon Fiber High Performance Race Hydrofoil

The Daytona is lightweight, rigid and an absolute eye catcher. More importantly, it?s a top performer and highly accessible. Thanks to the long 105 cm full carbon mast, the Daytona is built to be pushed hard at all angles of attack, even in choppy conditions. The two piece glider is rigid with low drag, accelerating up to speeds of 35 knots or more, if your nerves can handle it. Compared to a full race foil, the Daytona?s design compromised some of the very top-end speeds in favour of more control. The Daytona is the perfect choice for all foilers looking for a high average speed and lot?s of control, the fastest way around the racecourse..
  • A light weight 2 piece concept of full carbon mast and glider: With a full carbon mast and a one piece glider are the only two pieces of the foil, which reduce vibrations to a bare minimum.
  • Outstanding stability and control: Even at very high speeds, the stability and control of the Daytona is incredible.
  • High upwind and deep downwind angles: Once on the racecourse, upwind and downwind angles are super impressive, allowing you to stay on the righ tack no matter what the wind is doing.
  • Highest aspect ratio wing design: The fastest top end is guaranteed by our high aspect ratio wing design.
  • Premium pre-preg carbon construction: We use only thebest and most premium materials to achieve the top performing product on the market.
  • Long 105cm full carbon mast: With the long 105cm mast, you can achieve huge leaning angles going upwind.

What the team Riders Have to Say:

Ariana Imbert :

I'm really happy to ride with the Daytona foil. The Daytona is very easy to use, always everything in full control. I find the same sensations as with a high performance racing foil. I can push on it, it accelerates and doesn?t loose any control! The upwind is fantastic. I'm super confident with the Daytona and I always want to push the limits!!!

Jean Guillaume Rivaud:

This is my new favourite toy to play with the elements and against my GPS watch. I am so excited each time to try to show it what I have in my legs and each time the Daytona answers me : you have not pushed me beyond my limits!!! You need to try again...

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