2021 Duotone Hybrid LSL Surf / Foil Board

2021 Duotone Hybrid LSL Surf / Foil Board

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Duotone Hybrid SLS - Cross-over Surf and Foil

Ideal for wave riders who want a foil board too, the Hybrid SLS features all the awesomeness of the Whip with foil inserts for when the wind and waves don't blow!

  • 5'0" X 18" X 2 1/16" - 20.9L
  • 5'2" X 18 1/2" X 2 3/16" - 23.6L
  • 5'4" X 19" X 2 5/16" - 26.3L

The Hybrid SLS is the perfect choice for kitesurfers who want to have fun in the waves and then be able to convert their board when the wind drops. It's the same shape as our review-winning Whip, a compact shape with a very modern focus. The unique four-point foil mount is what makes this board so special. By having this system, rather than the standard track mount system the board can retain the flex and feel of the standard board. The four small inserts are placed perfectly for a balanced feel when foiling and barely add any weight. This creates a hybrid board that doesn't compromise anywhere, it absolutely rips in the waves in the same way the Whip does. When the wind drops, or you want to fly above the waves, simply attach your foil and get out there. Being available in three sizes means even less of a compromise, choose the Whip you would want to shred in the waves and get the Hybrid SLS for the convenience of having two boards in one. Perfect for saving space when travelling, ideal for keeping the garage free of clutter, even better you'll always have the perfect board for whatever the conditions throw at you on the beach. If you really want a one-board-does-it-all, quiver-killer, the Hybrid SLS is the only board for you!

Tech Features:
  • 4-Point Connection Foil Mount - The fully integrated 4-point mast connection has minimum influence on the weight and flex of the board to keep its surf characteristic while giving you a solid connection to the foil. Especially for traveling, this versatile combination is perfect to travel with only one board.
  • Innegra sls surfboard - Innegra is the reason for the predictable feel of a polyurethane surfboard, combined with liveliness, durability, dent resistance and incredible light weight. The weight reduction was achieved by replacing fiberglass with innegra.
  • Cork shock absorber 2.0 - Cork offers excellent absorption characteristics and reforms entirely without leaving any visible dents in contrast to pvc. Therefore, it is applied as a damper in the heel area of the surfboards.
  • Carbon Beam - For durability and a light weight construction.
  • Strapped or Strappless - Board is delivered with inserts so straps can be mounted.
  • One For All - The Hybrid SLS can beused as a surf board pr as a foil board giving you the ultimate in flexability of use.
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