2021 Duotone Juice Lightwind / Hydrofoil Kite

2021 Duotone Juice Lightwind / Hydrofoil Kite

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2021 Duotone Juice

The Juice has been a favorite among lightwind warriors for many years now. Dubbed the session-saver by the pro team, it's the kite everyone needs in their car trunk when they head to the beach. There is nothing worse than arriving at the spot to find you need a few more knots of wind. The Juice puts an end to that: it's almost always windy enough for the Juice. Designed for extremely lightwind freeriding, the smaller sizes are also optimized for foil kiters. What sets the Juice apart from other large kites out there is the incredible handling, a characteristic produced by its unique shape and profile and also the reduced weight. The Flex Struts really help the kite to respond instantly to rider input, giving the Juice a very active and lively feel, while the unique tip design offers plenty of turning speed. There was a time when large kites were slow, uninspiring and hard to relaunch, the Juice rewrites the rule book giving the rider a dynamic flying experience and a kite that can relaunch in the lightest of breezes. The bar pressure is surprisingly light, and the kite has less drag than before, making it faster through the air and allowing it to generate even more low-end power. When the wind picks up, the Juice has an impressive range, enabling you to stay on the water for longer and jump higher. Don't just plan to mow the lawn on the lightwind days. Nail all your tricks instead with a massive smile on your face. Feel the power of the Juice!

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