Duotone Spirit Surf 1500 Hydrofoil

Duotone Spirit Surf 1500 Hydrofoil

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Duotone Spirit Surf 1500 Hydrofoil

If you're looking for an incredibly versatile foil for the waves, this is it: prone surf foil, wing foil and kite foil. This one rules them all.

The Spirit Surf 1500 is the combination of years of design and experience in the water. The huge wing makes foiling easy, you can ride with a smaller kite, or just get foiling before everyone else. Massive amounts of lift are produced by the profile, and the stall speed is so low you'll think it's floating. The Spirit Surf is forgiving and allows you to learn the basics quickly; it's also great fun to ride in the waves, keeping the top speed down so you can harness the power of the wave rather than use the kite. The connection of the aluminium mast ensures the best connection for the mast into the top plate and fuselage. The connection is important for the transmission from your feet to the foil, giving you total control. A new 250 sqcm back wing delivers an incredible surf feeling. The whole system is modular, and you can run different mast and wing configurations for various conditions. The wing is big enough that an experienced surf foiler will be able to prone paddle into some waves and it will also work as a wing foil set up with the right board. This makes it an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that will spend far more time in the water than in the garage! If you want a wing with more lift and stability than you could imagine then the Spirit Surf 1500 is it!


Key features:

  •  Excellent lift and power - The best lift of the range with plenty of power.
  •  Incredible white water stability - Even in white water the surf 1500 stays stable and guaranteeing endless flights.
  •  Prone surf and wing foiling capable - Most versatile surf wing, compatible for kite-surfing, surfing and wing foiling.
  •  Unrivalled low-end range - Huge low-end which gets you up in no swell and no wind.
  •  Carbon front and back wing - Ultralight carbon wings for the best performance.
  •  Fusion fit system - The innovative fusion fit system for a bomb proof and stiff connection

Tech features:

Wing Construction:

  • The 30" layup is responsible for maximum bending and a very high torsional stiffness, the key to maximum performance. Using the best materials, the result is a durable lightweight construction.

Fuselage front wing connection:

  • Nothing more annoying than if your gear is not working, so avoiding any hassle, the fuselage to front wing is a very clever one, which can be attached and detached without using any heavy tools like a hammer. The form avoids abrasion and the large mounting area allows a maximum of load spread.

Mast fuselage connection:

  • The mast is connected to an aluminium fuselage through a clean pocket connection, improving steering impulse transmission a lot. Special screws are the guarantee for a bomb proof connection and stainless steel helicoil thread inserts make sure it's a connection made to last.

Aluminium fuselage:

  • A completely new aluminium fuselage with pocket for the best and easiest mast connection.

Fuselage back wing conection:

  • The fuselage back wing connection now has redesigned screw positions compared to last season, avoiding twisting of the back wing a supporting a firm hold without any deformation. Wedges can be used to adjust the back wing to your personal preference.
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