2022 Duotone Juice D/LAB Lightwind / Hydrofoil Kite

2022 Duotone Juice D/LAB Lightwind / Hydrofoil Kite

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Duotone Juice D-LAB Lightwind Kite

The new Duotone Juice D-Lab 2022 is the lightest lightwind tube kite ever made. Perfect for foil and twintip. By using a brand new Aluula construction, the Juice D-LAB is 30% lighter than a standard Juice. Forget what you know about conventional light wind kites: the Juice D-LAB is a true game changer and you'll be blown away by its performance.

Key Features:
  • Ultimate Lightwind Performance
  • Super-light ALUULA construction
  • For foil and twintip
  • 30% lighter
  • Super thin bridles
  • 13m and 15m

Duotone Juice D-LAB 2022 Kite
The lightest three-strut kite ever made from ALUULA by Duotone

The long wait is finally over! The Duotone Juice is available as a D-LAB model. The Duotone D-LAB models are all about the best performance, everything else such as price is subordinate, so only the very best materials are used. The Duotone Juice 2022 D-LAB is made of super light premium ALUULA material. Due to the use of Aluula material, the DLAB Juice is 30% lighter compared to a Juice in conventional construction, which results to a weight saving of 1 kg! That is a huge difference if you want to kitesurf in the lightest possible wind. The total weight of a 13m Juice D-LAB is therefore only 2.73kg and a 15m at 3.07kg! A new world will open up for you with the Juice DLAB 2022 kite from Duotone when it comes down to low wind performance. The Duotone Juice was already one of the best light-weather kites but now takes a big lead over the competition with this Juice DLAB Aluula version!

It is not easy to develop a kite with a new material. This requires a lot of adjustments in design and bridle setups. The Juice DLAB has therefore been extensively tested and adapted by Duotone to give you the best performance ever. You will immediately notice that the Juice DLAB can fly with the lightest breeze, with a perfect lightwind setup Duotone indicates that you should be able to kite from 7 knots with a weight of up to 70 kg. Due to the super light weight of the Juice DLAB, the kite feels very fast and direct, especially for a kite of it's size. The direct feeling is also partly due to the bridle system, which does not use pulleys. In addition, the bridle lines are made of a very thin dyneema line, which creates as little resistance as possible with the air.

If you thought a large lightwind kite was boring and slow, it's time to change your mind. The Juice DLAB 2022 is a kite that will give you huge hangtime for hooked-in tricks and old-school action. The 15 meter is ideal for freeride twintip action with little wind. Are you a little more foil focused? Then the 13 meter Juice DLAB will probably become your ideal lightwind kite. In addition, the Juice DLAB 2022 goes upwind really easily. Would you like to know more about the D/LAB series and Aluula?

With the Duotone Juice DLAB 2022, lightwind kitesurfing has entered a new era. Do you want the most kitesurfing sessions per year? Then the Juice DLAB is the kite you really need!
  • Ultimate Lightwind Performance
  • Freeride | Lightwind | Foil
  • Aluula construction
    • The new fabric in combination with new construction features reduces the weight of the kite by up to 30% compared to standard constructions and depending on the size, which is a considerable saving of up to 1kg, especially when the wind is light. Elsewhere the construction has been fine-tuned to reduce weight wherever possible, while innovative use of material weaves allows improved turning ability and response.
  • Trinity TX caonpy
  • Three struts
  • Thin bridles
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