2022 Duotone Voke SLS Kiteboarding Surfboard

2022 Duotone Voke SLS Kiteboarding Surfboard

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Duotone Voke SLS - Strapless Freestyle Surfboard

The Voke SLS is the best strapless freestyle board on the planet, to put it simply. It's built to ensure the most demanding of riders can nail every trick when it counts. In our top-end SLS construction there is no limit to where this board can take you!


  •   5'1" X 17 1/2" X 2 3/16" - 21.5L
  •   5'3" X 18" 2 5/16" - 24.1L


Strapless freestyle has exploded onto the scene of kiteboarding and now makes up a huge part of the market. Riders like Airton Cozzolino have turned it into an art form, and he?s arguably made the discipline his own. Airton and Sky Solbach created the Voke SLS to ensure it stayed ahead of the rest of the pack and to ensure Airton remains at the top of the podium. The unique shape gives the board the ability to deliver explosive pop even in really choppy conditions, without catching the nose on take-off or landing. The flat rocker and relatively parallel outline make it incredibly fast and stable. The powerful wide tail provides the perfect springboard for explosive pop. In a discipline where every millimetre counts and the slightest mistake can prove incredibly costly, you need a board that will deliver every time. The Voke SLS is the board to choose for your strapless moves; it?s forgiving yet packed with pop and performance. Whether you are learning your first trick or if you are Airton Cozzolino, the Voke SLS is the only weapon you need in your arsenal.

Key features:

Strapless Freestyle machine

The one and only especially designed for strapless freestyle board.

Fast and stable

Due to it?s shape and channels in the bottom, very fast and stable.

Explosive pop for airs

Offering very explosive pop for massive airs, making it easy to learn new tricks.

Innegra Shield

The Innegra Shield makes the board very durable, without affecting the pure surfboard feel.

Cork Shock Absorber 2.0

A cork deck makes the board durable with a lot of feedback for the rider.

Carbon Beam

The Carbon Beam is the reason for strong, durable boards with great feedback for the rider.

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