2022 Duotone Wam SLS Kiteboarding Surfboard

2022 Duotone Wam SLS Kiteboarding Surfboard

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2022 Duotone Wam SLS Kite - Surfboard

The Wam SLS is one of the most popular wave boards in the industry, aimed at a wide range of riders from advanced to pros. With the ability to handle any conditions, it?s a genuinely versatile all-rounder. For 2022 Sky Solbach went back to the shaping room to develop a radical new shape for the timeless classic. The goal was to update the board and keep it at the cutting edge of high-performance kitesurfing. With ample volume under the front foot for maximum speed and flow, the Wam SLS has an increased rocker, more outline curve and a brand-new rail shape for radical top to bottom surfing in almost any conditions. The Wam SLS is at home in everything from small onshore waves to bigger pumping down-the-line surf. This machine is the go-to high-performance shape for our team riders competing on the GKA world tour because of its fast, lively and agile feel that offers a dynamic and exciting ride no matter the conditions. More than that, though, it is an effortless board to ride, making it perfect even as a first-time wave board too. If you are looking for an one stick quiver killer that won?t hold you back on the water, the Wam SLS is your ticket to success.


Key Features

Duotone Wam SLS

All-round high-performance board

A high-performance kite surfboard for any conditions, the best allrounder in the range.

Controlled bottom turns

Very easy and controlled bottom turns, even when performed with loads of speed.

Explosive top turns

Due to a lively shape and great grip, top turns are super explosive.

Innegra Shield

The Innegra shield makes the board very durable, without affecting the pure surfboard feel.

Carbon Beam

The Carbon Beam is the reason for strong, durable boards with great feedback for the rider.

Cork Shock Absorber 2.0

A cork deck makes the board durable with a lot of feedback for the rider.

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