2023 Duotone Jaime SLS Twintip Kiteboard - Performance Freestyle

2023 Duotone Jaime SLS Twintip Kiteboard - Performance Freestyle

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2023 Jaime SLS - Performance Freestyle Twin Tip Kiteboard

Looking for the ultimate freestyle and big air board to take your jumps to the next level? The Jaime SLS is perfect for riders who like throwing down the odd freestyle trick and love to cruise around, but ultimately want the performance needed to get that highest jump record on the leader board at their home spot.

Key Features

  • Duotone Jaime SLS has amazingly good pop thanks to Biax Carbon and Textreme Innegra
  • The Jaime SLS benefits from our most technologically advanced construction techniques, Biax Carbon and Textreme Innegra, which offer incredible pop and a refined flex pattern throughout the board.
  • Sporty and responsive ride - The Jaime is designed to give you an exciting session on the water; the shape and flex combine to make it fast and responsive.
  • New Double Diffusor Bottom - This new shape makes the legendary soft landings even smoother than before.
  • Angled Fins - This year the fins on the Jamie have been angled to improve grip in the water for better upwind performance, improved pop and higher jumps.
  • New Torsion Flex Cap - The Torsion Flex Cap controls how the board flexes across its axis; new for 2023; this has been improved to offer even better control.
  • Double Rocker Line Concept - The all-new Double Rocker Line Concept ensures huge amounts of grip through the water, leading to impressive pop and big air.

The all-new Jaime SLS is the weapon of choice for the advanced freestyle and big air riders worldwide. The Jaime SLS offers performance in abundance that is easy to tap into no matter what?s your level. Whether you are trying to add another meter to your personal record or trying to take the title at your local spot, the Jaime SLS has you covered. The new shape for 2023, with the SLS construction, combines to offer a fast and dynamic ride that will excite you from the moment you put your feet in the footstraps. The completely new Double Rocker Line Concept and angled fins give you limitless grip on the water, great for blasting upwind and even better for stomping take-offs and getting massive air. There is also a new Double Diffusor Bottom; this helps to break the water?s surface tension when landing your tricks, leading to smooth landings. If you want the ultimate freestyle and big air kiteboard, you need to be on the Jaime SLS; it?s been delivering smiles for miles to lucky riders all over the globe for years and this year it has gotten even better.

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