2023 Duotone Select SLS Twintip Kiteboard - 30% Off

2023 Duotone Select SLS Twintip Kiteboard - 30% Off

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2023 Duotone Select SLS - Performance Freeride Twintip Kiteboard

The world's most comfortable freeride board gets the SLS treatment and a new shape for 2023, make sure you choose one size longer! The board is light, strong, and incredibly responsive, featuring a Textreme Innegra and Biax Carbon construction. So, if full speed cruising and jumping is what you love to do on the water, the Select SLS is the board for you!

New Sizes:
135 x 39  |  138 x 40  |  141 x 41  |  144 x 42

Key Features
  • Textreme Innegra for Lightweight and great comfort - The Select SLS uses the Textreme Innegra construction, combining the responsiveness of carbon with the dampening of Innegra.
  • New Outline - The new shape gives you even more comfort on the water and a smoother ride through chop. In addition, the low end is improved, and landings are smoother too.
  • Space Flex - This technology gives you a smooth ride and early planing.
  • Carving machine - The Select SLS is a pure carving machine, offering lots of speed, grip and control in any radius of turn, being super comfortable at all times.
  • Responsive and Light Biax Carbon - Biax Carbon is used in the construction of the Select, and this further enhances the performance and responsiveness of the board, giving you an extremely dynamic ride.
  • New outline with longer shapes - The new shape means you need to choose a slightly longer board to get the improved performance (If you rode a 138/41 last year, you?d prefer a 141/41 this year)
The Select SLS is at the pinnacle of performance for freeride twin tips, the comfortable high-tech construction ensures you get an engaging and responsive ride on the water, and the modern new shape will excite you on every turn and jump.
For 2023, the outline has been reworked, keeping the same width of the boards, but making them 3cm longer. For example, if you used to ride a 135/40, this year you?d go for a 138/40. This extra length cuts through the chop and gives a smooth ride, while the reduced width makes it even easier to edge, lets the board fly upwind and is easy to load up when you pop for big air. The Select SLS uses a Carbon Biax and Textreme Innegra construction, making it light and strong. It delivers a dynamic ride, and you will feel totally connected to the board. The low weight makes it easier to jump and spin and improves the early planing characteristics too. Regarding speed, the Select SLS is absolutely at the top, combining speed with the best Freeride performance you could imagine. If you like carving, even want a twintip for shredding some small waves, the Select SLS has the outline and shape to help you chuck buckets of spray. Space Flex is making the board light in the tips, making those slightly longer shapes still very playful and rotations easier. The Select SLS, the ultimate freeride board in a sea of imitations.
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