2023 Duotone Slash SLS  Grom/Kids - Wave / Strapless Freestyle Surfboard - 4'4"

2023 Duotone Slash SLS Grom/Kids - Wave / Strapless Freestyle Surfboard - 4'4"

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Duotone 2023 Slash SLS - Small to Medium Waves / Strapless Freestyle - Grom/Kids Surfboard  44230-3410

Absolutely new for the 2023 season for all Young Bloods is the Slash, a purpose-built grom edition of the Whip SLS designed for smaller riders looking to maximise their performance on the water. Perfect for strapless and wave riding, the board is ideal for youngsters wanting to get into the discipline and fantastic for riders hustling for podiums and everyone in between.

  • 4'4" x 16" x 1 3/4"  - 13.44L
Key Features
  • High-performance small wave/freestyle board - The unique shape of the Whip SLS makes it the perfect board for the rider who likes to throw down the latest tricks as much as they want to carve up the waves.
  • Snappy Top Turns - The compact shape enables you to turn incredibly tightly in the pocket; vertical top to bottom turns are the speciality of the Whip SLS.
  • Incredible Speed Generation - The rocker line and channel on the board's base combine to offer incredible speed, both on the wave and when riding on the flat; this is great for linking turns, catching fast waves, and popping huge tricks.
  • Innegra Shield - The Innegra Shield completely wraps around the whole board; this provides unrivalled protection from everyday knocks and scrapes and keeps your board looking fresh.
  • Cork Shock Absorber 2.0 - Comfort for your feet, the Cork Shock Absorber 2.0 takes the pressure off your heels while providing perfect contact with the board to transfer your movements into the wave.
  • Carbon Beam - The Carbon Beam injects a high level of response and flex, making the board feel alive underfoot.

As the strapless freestyle and wave discipline is pushed into the spotlight all around the world with the help of the GKA World Tour gaining fame, many younger riders are taking notice. For the Young Bloods who would rather throw strapless front rolls and smash waves, this is the perfect board for their quiver. Designed by legendary shaper Sky Solbach, the board is a trimmed down version of the exceedingly popular Whip SLS. This shape is tried and tested and works perfectly in small to medium-sized waves and is ideal for getting airtime. The compact design lends itself well to younger and smaller riders too. Duotone will also be running Young Blood Camps again in 2022/23 looking to garner new talent among the sports youth. If your hero is more Airton Cozzolino and James Carew than a twintip freestyler, this is the board for you! The Slash features all the performance benefits of the Whip SLS in a smaller package for young up and coming rippers!
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