2023 Duotone Slick Foil / Wingboarding Wing

2023 Duotone Slick Foil / Wingboarding Wing

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2023 Slick - Freeride - Freestyle Wingboarding Wing

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The 2023 slick is our latest freeride & freestyle wing featuring the mini boom - designed to enhance your flying experience with increased lift, power, and hang time.
The slick is our latest freeride & freestyle wing featuring the mini boom - designed to enhance your flying experience with increased lift, power, and hang time. The slick boasts exceptional stability and balance, allowing for a smooth ride through gusts and lulls.
The new version of duotone's mini boom wing was crafted with a clear objective - to amplify power while expanding the wind range and increasing the sweet spot. Not only does it provide more lift for jumps and freestyle tricks, but it also will have you flying on the foil with minimal pumping, making a huge difference in light winds and for less experienced riders.
The mod3 canopy makes a significant impact on the wing's performance, enhancing its grunt, low-end power, and direct response due to its low stretch characteristics. The higher modulus fabric and construction details ensure that the slick?s shape and profile remain, even in strong gusts, resulting in rapid acceleration without the need for hand placement or riding position adjustments. Furthermore, the mod3 canopy improves the wing's longevity and durability.
The deeper profile enhances the lift and makes for a smoother power delivery and provides a forgiving ride feel making it easy and intuitive for riders with varying experience and different wind conditions.
This feature enhances the learning curve for beginners, enabling them to master the basics quickly. Additionally, the constant and predictable pull makes it easier to execute freestyle tricks and rotational jumps with ease.
The slick's refined strut flex and wing tip angles ensure consistent power delivery and a smooth and consistent ride through gusts.
Two well-placed windows on each side of the wing provide good visibility, so you never have a blind spot, without compromising the wing's lightweight feel.
With three mini boom options, from the aluminum silver, to the platinum and platinum sls in carbon, there?s an ideal option for every rider. The slick mini boom is also backwards-compatible with our previous generation of slick wings.
The 2023 slick flags out and steers exceptionally effortless when held by the refined front handle and remains neutral and balanced in the surf or when going downwind.
That being said - the slicks infinite options in hand placement make it the ideal choice for both freestylers and freeriders alike. It offers unrivaled benefits and rapid progression for those learning maneuvers and tricks.

Key features:
  • Fast response - the refined reflex as well as the revised wing tip angle give the wing a more constant power delivery and a fast response.
  • Mini boom - direct steering with infinite hand placement. The mini boom allows you to place your hands where ever you want, which is a massive plus from learning the basics to the most advanced freestyle moves.
  • More power - deeper and more precise profile design provide more power and smoother response to gusts.
  • Moderate wing span - the 2023 slick comes with a moderate wing span, which helps drift stability and power delivery, yet it still features a compact outline, which helps smaller riders to keep the tips clear.
  • Positive lift - easy for tacks, lifty for jumps. Various design features give the 2023 slick a positive lift, translating in easy and light feel through all sorts of maneuvers and jumps.

Duotone enters a new era of wing design with mod 3 - a wing specific canopy!
What you feel
  • More power
  • More direct response
  • Better pumping efficiency > goes earlier
  • Better draft stability
  • Increased durability > no wearing out
  • Harder to break

Mod3 technical info
  • Modulus of mod3 is twice as high in warp direction
  • 3x as stretch resistant in bias direction (7x less stretchy at lower loads)
  • Much higher shape holding ability compared to traditional (kite) canopy (the canopy of wings is exposed to about 2x the load per surface area compared to the canopy in kites)

Construction features:
  • Segmented front tube slick 23 - segmented front tube for a rigid centre with smooth flex behaviour
  • Packing size slick 23 - the slick is easy and fast to set up and packs down small. The new backpack makes packing and carrying your slick as easy as it gets and stores your wing in style
  • Windows slick 23 - optimized window layout for improved stretch behaviour, weight and visibility
  • Boom slick 23 - our mini boom on center strut design combines the best of both worlds in one wing ? infinite hand placement and ease of handling for all types of freeride and freestyle moves, with neutral drift and floating ability of a strut wing for effortless surfing and downwinders
  • Mini battens slick 23 - two small battens per side reduces flutter and drag to a minimum and support upwind ability and top end performance

Duotone Item: Item: 42230-3520
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