2019 Duotone Spirit Freeride 700 Hydrofoil

2019 Duotone Spirit Freeride 700 Hydrofoil

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2020 Duotone Spirit Freeride 700 Hydrofoil

The goal with the Duotone Spirit Freeride Foil is to find the perfect allround, multi-purpose hydrofoil setup. It's a single-stroke wing in the sense that you will normally be flying after just a single power stroke from your kite and already maintains flight at lower speed. The Spirit back wing is big enough to give good pitch control at low speeds, but not too big to hold you back at the top end. Winglets offer good tracking and directional control. There ́s no better choice to start your foil freeride career than using the spirit freeride set up at an unbeatable price point.

Mast sizes:

  • 60, 75, 90cm

Key features:

  • Easy accessible allround foil
  • Tracking and directional control
  • New aluminium fuselage with pocket for mast connection
  • New mast profile with longer chord
  • Carbon compound front and back wing
  • Formula 1 fusion technology

Tech features:

Mast - fuselage connection:

  • The mast is connected to an aluminium fuselage through a clean pocket connection, improving steering impulse transmission a lot. special screws are the guarantee for a bomb proof connection and stainless steel helicoil thread inserts make sure it's a connection made to last.

Aluminium fuselage:

  • A completely new aluminium fuselage with pocket for the best and easiest mast connection.

Fuselage front wing connection:

  • Nothing more annoying than if your gear is not working, so avoiding any hassle, the fuselage to front wing is a very clever one, which can be attached and detached without using any heavy tools like a hammer. the form avoids abrasion and the large mounting area allows a maximum of load spread.


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