2022 Duotone Whip Kiteboarding Surfboard - 20% off

2022 Duotone Whip Kiteboarding Surfboard - 20% off

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2022 Duotone Whip

The Whip is the board of choice for riders who want to rip it up in the waves and land the biggest strapless tricks. It?s great for starters and experts and offers a versatile compact design that is perfect for travelling. This year the board was given a new shape to keep this modern design as cutting edge as possible. The rocker was increased, and there is a slightly narrower nose outline than before. The rails have a rounder shape, and there is a new ?wide bump-squash? tail outline. These elements combine to make the new Whip faster and more agile when transitioning from rail to rail. You?ll discover a much more reactive board that is much better at getting vertical in the pocket. The compact shape is also perfect for strapless freestyle, and many riders pick the Whip as their weapon of choice at any day. The low swing weight makes it easier to land rotations, and both beginners and experts will enjoy pulling tricks on it. If you want a board that can handle a wide range of conditions, perform in the air and on the wave, you need the new Whip under your feet. .

Sizes / Specs:
5'0″                18″              2 1/16″               20.3                     3.1         
5'2″                18 1/2″        2 3/16″                22.9                     3.3         
5'4″                19″              2 5/16″                25.6                     3.5         

Key Features:
  • High-Performance Small to Medium Wave / Freestyle Board -     A high-performance surfboard for small to medium waves and strapless freestyle
  • Snappy Top Turns -     Due to its compact shape, top turns can be performed very snappy
  • Incredible Speed Generation -     With its special shape and special bottom outline, the speed generation of this board is incredible
  • Cork Shock Absorber 2.0 -     A cork deck makes the board durable with a lot of feedback for the rider
  • Classic Construction -     The classic durable Duotone surfboard construction
  • Foot Strap Inserts -     For bigger waves or simply your personal preference, foot strap inserts are offered
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