Drill 1 Instructional Kite Land Boarding DVD

Drill 1 Instructional Kite Land Boarding DVD

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Drill 1 is a kite land boarding DVD with a difference, instead of being your stereotypical DVD full of all the sick tricks you could be doing if you knew how, Drill 1 goes back to basics and starts from the beginning. Drill 1 includes many key techniques and skills which can help you to develop your own individual style incorporating many different chapters which are all narrated to give an explained view of the DVD content.

As well as just teaching you how the kite is handled and also the ins and outs of using a board safely. Drill 1 goes into the types of boards, and kites which are specific for your needs and will help you to make tough choice of which equipment is best for you.

Drill 1 doesn't promise to make you a pro! But it will help you on your way to becoming the best kiteboarder you can be.

Drill 1 is association with the worlds leading developers of kite gear and accessories. Using top of the range cameras, audio equipment and professional editing suites the level of attention and care that has gone into every second of the guide is beyond anything that the land kiting market has ever experienced.

Now partnered with Basement Vision, a new video production firm, the film is set to deliver and offer to you the quality service that everyone should receive, especially when learning! Over 2500 hours have been put into the production of the landboarding instructional movie that ensures you will get into the sport, riding safely and confidently in the shortest time possible.

Thanks to Drill 1 Kite Landboarding Instructional DVD, you will always have a reference point to look back to whenever an educated and professional response is needed.

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