Project: Cloud 9 Snowkite DVD

Project: Cloud 9 Snowkite DVD

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A group of snowkiters load into a tiny RV for a month-long trek across the Rocky Mountains. Filmed on location in Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Colorado, Project Cloud 9 showcases the daily adventures from riders who travel in search of wind, snow, and the ultimate natural terrain. From deep powder near the Kansas border, to roadside jibbing and climbing steep hills in the backcountry, this documentary will inspire anyone who loves kiting in the winter.

Produced by reknown snowkite pioneer Paul Macaj (The Next Chapter, 20/10), Paul has really upped his game this year by shooting in full high definition. In particular, Paul uses the new Panasonic hi-def camera which shoots high frame rates, producing stunning slow motion shots. And if there is one benefit to snowkiting in full-on freezing-ass winter conditions, it's that you are in some of the most beautiful, unspoiled natural places on the planet. That, and the clear mountain air and deep blue skies will make anyone want to take off for a month-long roadtrip through the Rockies.

Cloud 9 offers a huge variety of riding, from super smooth freestyle, to jibbing rails and natrual terrain, to freaky big air with 30 second hang times (I still can't get used to seeing that.). And the riders guide the viewer along with their commentary as they hit spot after spot after spot. It's clear that snowkiters participate in possibly the most unique niche sport in the world.

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