Flysurfer Viron 2 Deluxe Foil Kite

Flysurfer Viron 2 Deluxe Foil Kite

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Flysurfer Viron 2 Deluxe

The Flysurfer Viron 2 Deluxe gives you the simplest introduction to the world of kiting, equally at home on water, land and snow. The easy-to-use Viron 2 Deluxe is an incomparable, all-in-one kite that ensures maximum safety and stability plus it has the easiest water relaunch you'll ever experience. Your safety is our top priority - which is why our experienced Research and Development team have spent hundreds of hours creating a kite that's safe, secure and stunning. The Viron 2 Deluxe is a kite that makes it possible for children to get started in the sport, as well as being the solution for riders keen to challenge strong winds on water or land. It's the kite that kite schools have been wishfully waiting for. All Viron 2 Deluxe sizes are made in deluxe kite cloth, which has a noticeable effect on a kite's performance - deluxe kites fly earlier, turn tighter and are more stable.

When it comes to water relaunch, the Viron 2 Deluxe continues to be the benchmark against which other kites are measured. Its unique, super-effective auto-relaunch incorporates a bridle that's virtually impossible to tangle on the water. Even in low winds, simply let go of the control bar and the Viron 2 Deluxe will skim automatically across the water, remaining parked and ready at the edge of the window. Then, with just a simple steering input, the Viron 2 Deluxe flies on.


  • 1x Viron 2 Deluxe Kite "ready-to-fly"
  • 1x Viron 2 Control Bar setup with flying lines
    • sizes 2.5m & 4.0m: One Eyelet Bar with clam-cleat trimmer
    • sizes 6.0m & 8.0m: Infinity 3.0 Control Bar with clam-cleat trimmer
  • 1x Sandbag
  • 1x Repair Kit
  • 1x Viron 2 Deluxe manual
  • 1x Viron 2 Deluxe kite bag


  • Triple Depower System - There are three ways the Viron 2 Deluxe achieves maximum depower. These 3 key elements mean the Viron 2 Deluxe lends its skills to a huge wind range and ideal handling.
    1. Reducing the angle of attack
    2. Profile change
    3. Reducing the projected area
  • Auto-Relaunch - The unique auto-relaunch delivers you the easiest kite relaunch you'll ever experience. Even in low winds, simply let go of the control bar and the Viron 2 Deluxe will automatically wander and park at the edge of the window. With just a simple steering impulse, the Viron 2 Deluxe flies on.
  • Improved Performance - Developer Armin Harich has reworked the airfoil and construction on the kite, which has improved the overall flying performance. Now the Viron 2 Deluxe is even easier to control in strong, gusty winds. The Deluxe kite cloth has a noticeable effect on a kite's performance - all sizes fly in less wind, turn tighter and have noticeably more power.
  • Reefline Safety System - The unique, patented and now even more robust Reefline Safety (which is similar to a 5th-line safety) of the Viron 2 Deluxe ensures maximum security and easy relaunch for everyone. After activating the Infinity quick release, the kite lands safely and easily without any remaining pull. It can be relaunched any time, even by beginners.
  • Automatic Drainage System - The proven drainage system is located on both ends of the trailing edge near the tips, openings that are about the size of a hand. They allow water and sand to be drained automatically, without influencing the performance of the kite.
  • Deep Y-bridle - Because of the optimized bridle, the Viron 2 Deluxe is more efficient and stands flatter, generating more power, speed and up-wind performance.

VIRON2 DLX 2.5 4.0 6.0 8.0
Color (Intake valve) orange blue green red
Area (projected) 2.1 3.3 4.9 6.6
Area growth due to powering up 20% 20% 20% 20%
Aspect Ratio 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2
Cells 13 13 13 13
Line length (m) 21 / 14 21 / 14 21 / 14 21 / 14
Depth of the profile (cm) 110 139 170 195
Flat Wing Span (cm) 286 361 442 510
Weight Kite only (Kg) 0.6 0.9 1.3 1.8
Weight ready-to-fly (kg) 1.4 1.7 2.2 2.7
VIRON2 DLX 2.5 4.0 6.0 8.0
Water (knots) for 55 kg 32 + 24-34 20-30 17-26
Water (knots) for 75 kg 38 + 28-40 23-35 20-30
Land (knots) for 55 kg 6-34 + 6-21 6-21 6-18
Land (knots) for 75 kg 6-40 + 6-32 6-25 6-22

The Wind Range Chart is to be used as a point of reference. It is based on a rider who weighs around 75kg (165lbs.) Actual use will vary depending on your weight, skill level, board size and the wind conditions on the water or land. When choosing a kite size, always use common sense and always choose a smaller size if you are not sure, especially when using the kite on land.

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