Hall Windmeter

Hall Windmeter

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For many years, the Hall Wind Meter has been a popular Airspeed Indicator for hang gliders, paragliders, and ultralights. The Hall Airspeed Indicator is mounted in the Bracket with the small tube at the bottom facing directly into the airflow. Airspeed is indicated by the red disc floating on the stainless steel rod.  Back to the basics with complete accuracy!

The Hall Airspeed Indicator is an ideal airspeed indicator; it never needs batteries.


Size Windspeeds
7 1/2" 7-55 mph
4 1/2" 7-30 mph
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Not long life in kiteboarding world

- 11/20/2018

I bought one cause I didn't want to need a smart phone or batteries to check wind. I think they are not appropriate for kiteboarding. Designed really for hang gliding/ultralites. If you are kiteboarding, it will likely get exposed to sand at some point...

hall windmeter

- 3/4/2011

plain and simple, not much to go wrong

Very Nice, Functional, and Simple :-)

- 2/3/2010

I've used this meter for years and it works great. Very accurate. Comes with a nice case to keep sand out. Very easy to clean if necessary. It's simple and no dumb electronics or batteries needed!

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