HQ Rush V PRO Kiteboarding Trainer Kite

HQ Rush V PRO Kiteboarding Trainer Kite

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Training is synonymous with development and enhancement of individual performance. The new HQ Rush Pro V trainer kites help you proceed to your next level quickly and safely, laying the foundation for all aspects of power kiting. Rush V Pro meets all the requirements of a real power kite with the traction applications it provides. A new internal chamber system makes it extremely robust. A 3rd line provides beginners the necessary safety and facilitates the reverse launch.


  • New, extremely robust cell structure
  • 3rd line for safety and reliable reverse relaunch
  • Flying lines already attached to the kite
  • Reduced bridle for less drag
  • Good light wind performance
Size 250 300 350
Flat Area (m?) 1.9 2.75 3.5
Flat Span (cm) 250 300 355
Height (cm) 92 111 121
Flat AR 3.3 3.3 3.6
Cells 15 15 15
Wind Range (Bft.)

10-45 km/h
6-28 mph
5-24 Knots

8-45 km/h
5-28 mph
4-24 Knots

8-38 km/h
5-24 mph
4-21 Knots

Dyneema Line Set (incl.)

175 kp | 2 x 20 m
100 kp | 1 x 20 m

175 kp | 2 x 20 m
100 kp | 1 x 20 m

220 kp | 2 x 20 m
100 kp | 1 x 20 m

Control Option

Control Bar 50 cm

Control Bar 50 cm

Control Bar 50 cm


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HQ Rush Pro-350

- 10/20/2012

I found myself away from the water for a couple months and so I ordered the HQ Rush Pro 350 version to play around with so I wouldn't be tempted to fly an inflatable to get my kite fix.

I have been pleasantly surprised by how much fun I've had with th...


- 7/19/2011

good trainer got the 3 meter i would not fool around with anything smaller because the smaller ones your going to be able to the air with. 20+knot winds i can get 8 to 10 feet up and 10 to 20 feet out me being 155 pounds. very easy to control and load up.

Easy to use and Powerful

- 5/21/2010

This kite really does come ready to fly right out of the bag. I'm glad I made this kite my pick for just beginning. 10mph winds created more power than I imagined (I'm 210lbs and had a few drags 2 or 3 feet) and it held up great against the few crashes ...

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