Manera Session Kiteboarding Travel Bag 153cm (no wheels)

Manera Session Kiteboarding Travel Bag 153cm (no wheels)

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The 2016 Manera Session Bag is an excellent travel bag. Pack a couple twintips and 5 kites with your kiting accessories and travel without worries with the durable Manera Session Bag. Material is a crucial part of a boardbag design, so all the materials have been tested and re-tested on these boardbags to be the best on the market so the bag will follow you around the world for years. Perimeter zipper along the top edge of the bag allows easy access to pack your gear.

Dimensions: 153cm x 46cm wide

Technical Features

  • Heather grey 600D - 600D is well-known and widely used in the luggage industry, but there are different 600D qualities. Some are tearing after a few small tours in a plane, some will perform the tracks of many trips. Our heather grey 600D on the top/right.
  • Black mate Tarpaulin - Tarpaulin is a name used for many different materials. What we call Tarpaulin is a robust, durable, waterproof and beautiful black mate material that will be difficult to rip up. Our black mate Tarpaulin on the down/ right.
  • Air vent system - Being confined in a wet, salty boardbag is clearly not a good situation. As we love your boards and gear, we would like it to be ventilated: we developped the Airvent rubber system to let the boardbag breath and evacuate moisture and bad smells.
  • Double gallon stitching - Most of the boardbags are stitched with one gallon joining the top and bottom parts all around. Having used many boardbags we realized this joint is a sensible area, and it needs the best construction to resist. On all our boardbags, we stitch a first gallon all around the top part, then stitch a second gallon all around the bottom part, to finish we stitch both gallon together. This is a long, expensive process but it assures us our boardbags will be the most durable possible
  • PVC protections - Some parts of the boardbags are sensible and are often dragged on the ground. For these we decided to use a PVC patch protection, which is the most resistant surface we could use.

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