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Mystic Stealth Harness

- 11/12/2021

Loving the new Stealth Harness. No more ride up, due to the 100% grippy interior surface. No more readjusting the Ride Engine straps, because the Mystic straps stay put. No more torn, or wet neoprene. Light weight and fits better, due to less back arch. Love it!

Great Harness Runs on the small side

- 8/24/2020

This is my First hard shell Harness coming from a medium soft shell dakine harness. I chose to purchase the medium mystic size i measure 34 around the belly 177lb at 5ft11 i was on the fence about that size but i was told the older style harness most people sized down. so i had to return the medium and order the large even measuring my medium dakine soft shell to the medium mystic the mystic was a good 2 inches smaller. My first session with the hard shell was defiantly a different experience coming from the soft shell i did get some rashes on my back from the first time of use but once the harness broke in i stopped getting any rashes. i have no other experience with any other hard shell harnesses but this harness is defiantly a nice harness but it seems that my soft shell harness is still comfortable and never suffered from any binding or rashes from it due to it being more flexible but using a soft shell harness i think you gota work harder to maintain a stiffer body so you dont develop any back pain. Using a hard shell harness to me feels like you can relax more into the harness and not have such a tight core or solid body structure in order to fight against the pulling of the kite

Best invention since kite depower!

- 8/6/2020

Used it yesterday for first time. The bar stayed in place and never went up / pinched my ribs... the back support made it incredibly comfortable. At the end of the ride... almost felt like I had been to the chiropractor. My back felt amazingly well since the harness forces a good posture - Make sure to fit the right size and you will never use anything but a harness like this. Lastly. It’s incredibly compact and light. Won’t accumulate water either. Amazing!!!

Mystic Stealth Review

- 7/20/2020

I finally received (in July) my Stealth Harness after an amazing test ride in March at shop. I rode a Large size when I demoed and thought long and hard about size I really wanted, since I'd have to have it shipped to Idaho and not test fit XL vs L. I opted for the XL (with advice from Joey) thinking I typically wear a wet suit, my beer-belly fluctuates, and felt that the deeper the tabs sat in harness the less lift they would have. I'm very happy with my choice. The XL has plenty of room for me even if I chose to quit drinking and no wet suit.

I finally have a harness that I don't have to wrench down mega tight to keep spreader from riding up. I actually have relaxed the fit as it stays nicely in place. Harness fits my lower back so well and distributes the load with zero pinching.

Harness is light weight and retains very little water so packs away clean.

I went with the slider ring/rope Stealth Bar and it has dramatically increased my ability to twist and turn upper body when trying tricks.

I have had many harnesses over the years starting with windsurfing in 1984 and this is by far the best fit I've ever had, and I've had many...

Only CON is price! But you get what you pay for!

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