Naish 2024 Ultra Jet Foil - Demo 1650/280/75cm - 25% offl

Naish 2024 Ultra Jet Foil - Demo 1650/280/75cm - 25% offl

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Demo - Naish 2024 Ultra Jet Foil - 1650 / 280 w/ 75cm Carbon 55 Mast - Like New condition

Build the complete foil that best suits your needs by choosing from one of the Naish Ultra Jet Wing/Fuselage packages and one of the 3 Naish mast options.

The Ultra Jet range is the next level in all-around foiling performance. Utilizing the latest in carbon construction technology, it provides a seamless connection to many popular Naish fuselages and offers a dual expansion core for an agile yet stable ride. The lightweight and robust build combines 100% prepreg 3K carbon with both UD carbon and glass core layup for enhanced strength and improved lift without compromising speed or pumping power. The Ultra Jet foil wing has been designed to deliver gradual lift, both fore and aft, as well as horizontal stability so riders of all levels can enjoy a more accessible yet still thrilling ride. With increased speed and unrivaled maneuverability, this high-performance foil will suit any conditions or skill level for wingfoiling, kitefoiling, windsurfing or SUP foiling. The thinner profile also allows for faster acceleration while still providing excellent control when turning due to its rounded wing tips, giving you a secure experience regardless of your riding style.

Key Features:
  • 100% PREPREG 3K CARBON OUTER LAYER SATIN FINISH - Durable and lightweight construction
  • ROUNDED WING TIPS - Provide excellent control when turning
  • THINNER PROFILE - Delivers gradual lift and provides horizontal stability
  • USER FRIENDLY - Easy to ride, great all-around foiling performance
  • ROBUST FOIL SECTION - Delivers gradual lift and provides horizontal stability
  • DUAL EXPANSION CORE CONSTRUCTION - Molded lightweight layup utilizing UD Carbon and Glass Laminate
  • SCARF JOINT CONNECTION TO FUSELAGE - Proven and compatible with earlier Naish fuselage models

Carbon 55
  • The Naish C55 monocoque composite mast is an innovative piece of engineering that provides a state-of-the-art combination of affordability and performance. Its advanced construction includes a dual expanding foam core, which helps to reduce the weight significantly without sacrificing any strength or stability. This smaller profile is shared with the C100 mast, allowing for reduced drag during use. The installation of two 12 mm stainless steel inserts into the mast structure, combined with our specially designed molded fuselage connector, has proven to be an effective solution in eliminating corrosion issues and providing a long-term corrosion barrier. The combination of this precision engineering allows the user to enjoy superior performance at an excellent cost-benefit ratio that won?t compromise long-term durability.

Carbon 55 Mast Features:
  • High temperature/high pressure prepreg construction
  • Inner foam core for optimized weight
  • UD inner layer construction combined with 3K outer layer
  • Gloss finish for easy cleaning and keeping an optimized surface without sanding

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