S25 Naish Gecko - Dedicated Strapless Surfboard - Last One - Demo 5'1"

S25 Naish Gecko - Dedicated Strapless Surfboard - Last One - Demo 5'1"

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Shop Demo Board in Great Condition! Slight paint chipping on front left rail, repaired. Only cosmetic, no damage to board structure.

S25 Gecko - Dedicated Strapless Surfboard

The Gecko is a brand new shape that is totally dedicated to strapless only riding. When designing the Gecko, we set off to create a strapless only board made for kiters who prefer a directional over a twin tip but primarily ride flatwater or choppy spots like Tarifa or Hood River. The shape features a wide squash tail, parallel outline and semi blunt nose to create great lift and control for strapless airs. The straight rails and quad fin setup provides great pop and directional stability along with making it tracky and fast. The vee bottom shaping through the nose compliment the rails and fin setup for smooth riding in choppy conditions. A full rocker through the nose and tail make the Gecko a great choice for kiters who don?t use straps in any condition from flat water to small surf. If you are a dedicated strapless kiter riding but might not have access to surf, the Gecko is made for you.

Performance Features:
  •  Wide Nose and Tail = Control for strapless airs
  •  Parallel Rails & Quad Fin Setup = Excellent tracking
  •  Vee Nose Bottom Shaping = Smooth riding in choppy conditions
  •  Dedicated Strapless Design = No footstrap inserts
  • Construction:
  •  Lightweight Finish = Lightweight board for better response + higher performance
  •  High Tensile Fiberglass = Outstanding strength-to-weight ratio
  •  Strapless Impact Resistant Heelpatch = Strength + improved load spread
  •  Double Bamboo Sandwich Deck = Maximum durability + minimizes pressure dents
  •  Bamboo Laminate = Natural load spread + energetic flex
  •  Lightweight Fiberglass = Overall lighter board
  •  CNC Cut Closed Cell Core = Absolute precision shaping + less
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