S26 Naish Monarch Big Air / Performance Freestyle Twintip Kiteboard - 45% Off

S26 Naish Monarch Big Air / Performance Freestyle Twintip Kiteboard - 45% Off

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S26 Naish Monarch - Big Air / Performance Freestyle

Sizes: 132x41  |  135x41.5  | 138x42  |  142x42.5

The ultimate deck under your feet to hold down power and ride with speed, the Monarch is back with an all-new construction benefiting the rider with reduced weight and optimized flex. The bottom shaping of the Monarch is designed to channel water in a way that produces maximum hold to the water when loading up for explosive tricks, driving the board upwind to create more line tension than ever before. This year we have fine-tuned the reinforcements needed to make the Monarch bombproof in heavy conditions while keeping the feel lively and maneuverable. This board caters to people looking to push their limits in the big air or freestyle disciplines, providing unmatched confidence when on edge. 

Performance Features:
  •  New Deck Shape = Optimized flex for high performance riding
  •  New Carbon Construction = Lightweight and stiffness
  •  New 5.0 cm IXEF Fins = Better grip + upwind performance
  •  Centered Inserts = Ability to ride both rails increases longevity
  •  Freestyle Rocker = Powerful + fast riding + aggressive pop + lively feel
  •  Low Flex = Powerful & responsive handling
  •  Power Corners = Enhanced durability/maximum power + easy transport + improved release 
Construction Features:
  • UD Carbon Strip = Lightweight and stiff
  • 320g BX Glass +/-45 degrees = Optimized flex + key reinforcement
  • Supreme Pop Wood Core = Unmatched reflex characteristics
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