2019/20 Naish Boxer Freeride/Foiling Kite - 35% Off

2019/20 Naish Boxer Freeride/Foiling Kite - 35% Off

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2019/20 Naish Boxer Freeride/Foiling Kite


Any rider looking to go out with a smaller kite than anyone else in marginal conditions for underpowered riding and foiling.


Streamlined construction is lighter weight


Lightest kite on the market, and therefore exceptionally efficient in marginal conditions.

Amazing water relaunch in marginal conditions


With its light pull, light weight and light input, the Boxer is the ultimate kite for underpowered riding and foiling.

The single luff strut and Quad-Tex construction create a lightweight framework that stays in the air easily even in super light wind. This eliminates any struggle to keep the kite up, so you can keep your focus on foiling.

When sheeting out, it quickly offers a lot of depower in a shorter throw. This keeps the kite from pulling too much and feels as if it almost disappears. Its lightweight load pulls
more through the bar than through the harness, for more direct steering. And because it's so responsive to lighter inputs, lighter riders and foilers can easily make micro-adjustments without being thrown off-balance.

This year we worked on making the kite even lighter. Each size has saved up to 280g, making the boxer the lightest kite on the market. All these precious grams saved
translate to weight the wind does not need to carry anymore and creates a more efficient kite for your session. Perfect for foiling or surf type riding.

Available in sizes as small as 3.5 meters, the Boxer is built for foiling. It?s such a great all-around performer that larger sizes do really well during lightwind twin tip riding too!
If you're foiling, riding underpowered, or have lighter input, the Boxer will let you push the boundaries of light wind!


  • Most advanced Kite canopy on the market
  • Reduces weight +  minimizes & dispersing canopy flutter
  • Secures bladder ends + prevents slippage
  • Strong, high-tensile thread fortifies the leading edge
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Very fun kite in small and medium sizes.

- 11/6/2019

Not every kite works well in a 4m size. The boxer is superb as a 4m. I like in particular that it has a fast forward speed and good boost pulling on the bar. This is a kite that likes to be flown. I don’t know that I have flown a kite with better relaun...

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