Naish Lightwind Relaunch Kit

Naish Lightwind Relaunch Kit

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Naish Light Wind Relaunch kit

Want to launch your Naish Kite in the lightest wind possible? Get the Naish Light Wind Relaunch kit.
It is a line that piggybacks on a steering line and when pulled during lauching will cause the kite to flip over leading edge up. Pull on the leading edge lines and voila you have a hot launch in light winds. The LWR simply helps you pull from higher than the wing tip on the trailing edge of the kitemaking it flip and relaunch in virtually no wind. With all the new  options available in light wind boards, riders are pushing the envelope of what is considered rideable. The new LWR (Light Wind Relaunch) gives the rider complete confidence when going out in the lightest of wind. This system lifts the wingtip independent of the rear leader line, and cups the trailing edge for instant relaunch. The LWR works when nothing else will. This works on the Naish Park, Bolt, Ride and Fly
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