North 2023 Orbit/Atmos Big Air Complete Package- 25% Off

North 2023 Orbit/Atmos Big Air Complete Package- 25% Off

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2023 north Orbit and Atmos Big Air Package. Includes, Kite, Control Bar, Board, Bindings, and Pump. This complete Big Air Package is priced at 25% off the full retail price and will get you soaring into orbit at a great price. You also have the choice to Upgrade the Atmos board to the Full Carbon Diber Atmos Carbon if you want to maximize your big Air experience.

2023 North Orbit

Committing to overpowered airs and megaloops in gusty conditions demands an unwavering trust in your kite. Our iconic premier 5-strut kite delivers incredible top-end control and allows you to hold down more power than any other kite per square meter. Big jumps. Big hang time. Big wind range. The Orbit rockets you upwind fast, with effortless steering, extreme boosting and hangtime guaranteed to take your breath away. Without changing the DNA of the kite, we've engineered it to feel smoother, lighter, faster, and even more predictable in the unpredictable. At North, we understand what riders want in a performance, big air kite. For 2023 the Orbit feels even more responsive in all conditions. We've made small structural refinements to smooth out the canopy, optimizing the profile for less drag, faster forward speed and smoother turning. Slightly refined bridling means the kite feels more stable and forgiving in overpowered, gusty conditions yet retains its ability to fly forward and catch you in kite loops. We've reduced the kite's overall weight with lighter bladders in larger sizes and introduced a new 2-ply canopy material reinforcement on the trailing edge. The lighter the kite, the faster the steering, the more lift it creates, and the higher you jump. We've constructed the leading edge and struts in our lighter N-Dure Dacron to save significantly more weight without compromising strength or durability. We've also introduced two additional bar pressure options so you can choose from a lighter, more forgiving feeling in cruise mode, right through to ultra-direct steering with shorter depower travel in megaloop mode. This new fourth setting gives you the confidence to loop the kite even lower. It is ideal for heavier riders on smaller kites and boosts wingtip support on those crazy 40knot + days. Tested by nature, proven on the podium. The Orbit has your back when the rules of gravity don't apply.

8m  |  9m  |  10m  |  12m

North 2023 Atmos Hybrid Freeride / Big Air Twintip Kiteboard

Gravity, we challenge you - Our most popular high-performance Freeride board for explosive boosting, looping and stable, predictable landings. The Atmos is powerful moving upwind with precise edge control. Strategically placed layers of unidirectional carbon tape in the hybrid construction help deliver a well-balanced dynamic flex. Designed to ride overpowered with ease and control, yet still enabling early planing and low-end performance. The harmony between medium rocker, progressive outline and flex makes this the ultimate all-terrain board to take you to the next level, in all conditions. Edge harder and release into Earth's atmosphere.

136x40  |  138x41  |  141x42  |  144x43

North Navigator Control System

Think Less, Feel More

Switch effortlessly between disciplines with the Toolless Interloop: our no-tools required modular harness loop replacement system. The Navigator Control System connects you intuitively to your kite, using industry-leading SK99 Dyneema lines from Liros for precise performance. The 2022 Connect Quick Release and leash now complies with ISO Standard 21853:2020. Faster, safer release and intuitive single-action reload in all conditions. Available in three sizes, the refined ergonomic design offers durability, comfort and tactile control. Knowing your kite's position just became second nature.

  • 45-50cm (Small / Kite Sizes 5-8m)
  • 50-55cm (Standard / Kites Sizes 8-14m)
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