2024 North Nova Pro Wing - 6.0m Demo w/ Shiftlock Boom - 25% Off

2024 North Nova Pro Wing - 6.0m Demo w/ Shiftlock Boom - 25% Off

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North Nova Pro Demo 6.0m Wing with Shiftlock Carbon Boom - In Excellent / Like New Condition

North Nova Pro - Performance Freeride Wingboarding Wing

The Nova Pro, with our industry-first ShiftLock Modular Track Mounting system and Carbon UDi Technology, is for riders ready to crank it up a level. Riders who are bored of mowing the lawns; riders who just want to be out there carving lines in endless ocean swells, boosting or freestylin. Designed to ignite your creativity and your desire to progress, the Nova Pro is light in your hands and efficient upwind. Its advanced materials, tighter canopy and balanced tensioning provide perfect shape-hold in the upper wind range and improved light wind performance - for the best of both worlds.

2.9m | 3.5m | 4.2m | 5m | 6m

Key Features:

  • Stable geometry
  • Active Twist wingtips
  • Tight and even canopy tensioning
  • Maximum low-end power and efficiency
  • Shape-hold in the upper wind range
  • Balanced trailering
  • Excels in any discipline
  • Stiffness where it counts
  • Forgiving landings

IMPORTANT: ShiftLock Handles sold separately

ShiftLock -
ShiftLock is a re-invention of the Bolt Rope system used in sailing - the most common and robust method to fix a sail to a mast. We've adapted this method for wing-foiling, using a double bolt-rope track. To prove the system's strength and durability, we've carried out cyclic load and on-water testing for two years without failure or excessive wear. ShiftLock has a breaking load of well over 710kg. We've also kept the system light in weight. Two 500mm ShiftLock Carbon handles (with the track) are lighter than two standard 500mm wing handles. The rigid Carbon ShiftLock handles (sold separately) react instantly to your input, while the soft TPU handle ends help protect you and your board. There are four handle lengths, from the single 1100 boom to the 500, 400, and 250 mm handles.


Design Features:

  • Hybrid N-Weave45 Airframe - The N-Weave45 segment gives the wing a unique ride performance and crisp input response, with a more forgiving wing tip that twists off nicely during freestyle manoeuvres or wave riding. The ShiftLock track adds stiffness to the strut, making this wing even more reactive and direct, and having the hybrid construction in the airframe helps us to reduce the wing's overall weight even further.
  • Hybrid Matrix Canopy - A stiffer canopy is essential because the loading increases with the more rigid airframe. The Nova Pro features our stiffer MATRIX canopy in the high-load areas, while in the front, 1/3 of the canopy is a lighter-weight N-HTRS canopy material. Matrix is a high-performance stretch-resistant wing canopy material specifically designed to handle the higher loads of the N-Weave45 airframe. Compared to a traditional canopy, Matrix is 2.5x stronger in the 0/90deg warp/weft direction and 5x stronger in the 45deg bias direction. The stronger material gives your wing canopy greater structural integrity for longer, so it can maintain its designed shape over time, especially in overpowered conditions.
  • Carbon UDi Technology - North Sails is renowned for using 3Di technology in their podium-proven racing sails. Chasing stiffness in the inflated airframe, we've introduced the same material in the Nova Pro with our new patent-pending Carbon UDi technology. Anti-deflection Carbon UD tapes are placed inside the leading edge in strategic high-load areas to provide additional wingtip stiffening and prevent unnecessary deformation while keeping the wing lightweight and responsive.
  • Light and precise handling - Your front and back arm pressure is even, not backhand-heavy. The wing creates lift so that you can glide through turns effortlessly without any tail drop. The Nova Pro is engineered for stability and gusty conditions with less shoulder, more sweep and more aggressive turn-in at the wingtips. The wingtip geometry and balanced dihedral also prevent oscillation side-to-side when gripping the front handle, riding downwind swell, surfing, or simply walking towards the water.
  • Active Twist Wingtips - This allows the tip to reflex and dump any excess power. The tapered wingtips also reduce the swing weight of the wing and reduces drag from the wingtips, which helps with the stability, and allowing the tips to bend slightly, keeps the trailing edge tight. The tension of the trailing edge and overall skin tension gives the wing more low-end power. But then on the high end, the ability of the tips to reflex away allows that excess power to bleed off. The Carbon UDi Technology improves the reaction speed.
  • Maximum low-end power and efficiency - Making the wing feel smooth to ride with a forgiving angle of attack, the curvature in the profile section ensures a smooth laminar flow attachment from the LE to the TE (no turbulence)? so the wing retains nose positive lift through all angle of attack changes. This means fewer micro-adjustments in your hand positioning and a lighter feel. When you do a tack, it pulls upward and enables you to glide around effortlessly without any tail drop. It also contributes to the Nova Pro?s excellent loft and hangtime.
  • Duel HyperFlow Inflation Valves - There are two main valves, one on the LE and one onthe Strut, with an interlinking valve and hose. This enables you to inflate the strut to a higher pressure than the leadiung edge, so you can adjust for the conditions and yout style of riding. Bonus, it allows you to deflate the wing faster after your epic session is over.
  • Radial Load Diffuser for even canopy tensioning - The Radial load Diffuser reinforces the end of the strut, and the wingtips, helping to distribute tension more evenly in defined load directions across the canopy with less distortion, which results in reduced drag.
  • A World of accrssories - The Action Camera Mount is only th ebeginning. Keep an eye out for new ShiftLock accessories coming soon.


  • Wing, Wrist Wing Leash, Bag, Repair Kit, Sonar T40 Tool. IMPORTANT: ShiftLock Handles sold separately.

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