2017 North 5th Element Trust Bar

2017 North 5th Element Trust Bar

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The 2017 North 5th Element Trust Bar

Product Information
Introducing the 2017 5th Element Trust Bar, a product where safety and control met performance and reliability.  Incorporating the patented Iron Heart IV safety system, it's performance is unmatched.  Relaunch, depower, release and recover, whatever your demands the 5th Elements reacts instantly as well as having a phonemenal ability to absorb gusts, and deliver an outstanding short bar stroke when depowered. 

5th Element Bar
Safety is an essential topic in a sport where you are facing the power of the elements and in some situations are totally on your own. The North patented 5th line system has provided the greatest combination of safety and performance for many years now. Year after year, the 5th line concept proves its reliability and 100% instant depower after a safety release no matter what the conditions. The system still has a commanding lead compared to other safety systems available on the market. This is why we at North Kiteboarding believe in the 5th line concept. What’s more, the 5th line makes water relaunch effortless and the loaded 5th line kite designs (Vegas and Rebel) offer a very short depower stroke, giving the rider ultimate control in gusty conditions. The benefits of this set-up are obvious and appreciated by riders all over the world.

Bar Features

The Winding Posts are made of a fully molded fiberglass reinforced Polyamide construction, which offers an incredibly lightweight solution with increased stiffness. In addition to this, there is a molded EVA cushioning to ensure maximum comfort for the rider. The Winding Posts feature an integrated backline adjustment, which allows the rider to trim the rear lines when needed.
ATTENTION: Never ride without the cover. It prevents the knot of the leader line from slipping out of its housing.
2017 North 5th Element Trust Bar

The molded EVA floater is fully integrated into the winding posts to offer a seamless connection, which gives better protection to the lines and the rider. The integration of the EVA floater also avoids line tangling and gives better overall stiffness between the bar and lines. To achieve better and more direct feedback on the thumb, we added a push pin on the outside of the winding post for easy operation. The Flip-Flop function allows you to switch between a 53 cm and 46 cm bar width (M/ L bar) and 49 cm and 42 cm bar width (S / M bar) with just one click. This makes the procedure of changing the bar set up far simpler.
2017 North 5th ElementEVA Floater

Plastic, fitted center hole

The exchangeable insert for the center hole is made of plastic, to minimize wear on the depower line. The material we use is resistant to abrasion, and will cause much less damage, if sand is present, to the line itself.
2017 North 5th Element Trust Bar - Platic Fitted Center Hole

A small diameter of the bar allows a very thick EVA bar grip. This offers ideal control and comfort.
2017 North 5th Element Trust Bar - Ergonomic Bar Grip
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Clean, Comfortable and solid

- 2/13/2017

This bar is very nice in my hands. the grip is very comfortable and easy to hold. The de-power is easy to use and I love the adjustable stopper on the trim line. The lines wrap up on this bar very neatly and they stay put when you put the bar away. Only i...

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