2017 North Rebel Freeride / Big Air Kite

2017 North Rebel Freeride / Big Air Kite

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2017 North Rebel

Sizes:  5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15
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The Rebel is the benchmark of a high performance Freeride and Big Air kite impressing everyone from entry level to expert. Its all-time classic characteristics will deliver maximum performance already at minimum steering inputs with super precise bar feedback.


  • Flat Kite Design
  • Loaded 5th Line
  • 5 Strut Design
  • Large Wind Range
  • Excellent Hangtime and Lift for the Highest and Longest Jumps
  • Best Sheet and Go Power Development in the industry
  • Shorter bar throw (stroke) for great bar feedback.

Since the beginning, the Rebel has long been known for its exceptionally smooth, stable and shake-free feeling through the bar, which has even been refined. The loaded 5th line delivers a short bar stroke for sheet and go power and superior direct bar feel, even in overpowered and gusty conditions.

The new design update of additional segments through the center of the kite ensures rounder turning, enhanced wind range, as well as even more lift and hangtime. The additional size 15m will mainly please heavier riders as their boosting machine. Get ready to go big and free your ride with the new 2017 Rebel.

TESTED: North Rebel 2017

The Rebel is one of the longest running kite models currently on the market ? it blew a few minds when it first arrived on the scene but is now much more of a ?classic? with a truly obsessive following who love that distinctive Rebel feel. For 2017 North have worked hard on the construction of the kite and have increased the number of segments through the center to improve the turning speed and range of the Rebel, and there's also a new Dacron frame around the wing tip to improve response and durability. Then there is also a new size ? a 15m for bigger riders and those who want to boost huge ? and we flew the Rebel on the Click Bar. With its shorter bar throw we found that the Click Bar worked particularly well with the Rebel and you get a nice injection of power with just one turn on the bar.

On the water and ? as you would hope ? this feels like a Rebel. The loaded 5th Line gives you a short bar stroke for that instant power delivery you expect. In addition to this the Rebel gives you an incredibly smooth and stable feel through the bar. It?s hard to think of a freeride kite that can really beat the Rebel for feel. Then it offers fantastic upwind performance and, again with the loaded 5th line, it gives superb control even in the gustiest conditions.

We found that the Rebel did prefer to have bit of power in it, and then the Rebel really comes alive when you want to jump. If you check the WOO records then you can see that the Rebel features regularly as it?s a real go-to kite for boosting. It really is a rocket ship and has oodles of hangtime? So it?s nice to see North taking some time to look at the build of their kites and the Rebel does seem to have benefited ? it feels smoother and silkier in the air but without sacrificing any of the features or feel that you expect from a Rebel.

In a sentence: The Rebel continues to deliver in the premium freeride department ? it?s an accessible and friendly kite to fly, but can also take you up and away if that?s what you?re looking for?


2017 North 5th Element Trust Bar 2017 North 5th Element Trust Bar
The 2017 North 5th Element Trust Bar year after year proves it's reliability.  Wtih the perfect combination of safety and performance.  The 5th line makes water relaunch effortless; the loaded 5th line kite design (Rebel & Vegas) offer a very short depower stroke, giving you the ultimate control in gusty conditions.
2017 North Clickbar Kite Control Bar 2017 North Clickbar Kite Control Bar
The 2017 North Clickbar makes powering and depowering your kite easier than ever before.  The unique trim unit enables you to power and depower in precise steps at the click of a switch.  To power your kite, turn the winder of the trim unit clockwise - this shortens the length of your backlines with every half turn.  To depower, simply push the button in the middle of the winder and your backlines will lengthen again with every click.

Shop Notes: When adjusting the click bar make sure the left hand is close to the center of the bar so your kite does not pull to left when using the sheeting system.  This bar is super clean, there's no straps or clam cleat in the way.
2017 North Quad Control Trust Bar 2017 North Quad Control Trust Bar
The 2017 North Quad Control Trust Bar is identical in design to the 5th Element bar, it's best suited to 4 line kite models where the front line safety setup is steadfast. When released – via the Iron Heart IV - the Quad Control ensures that the kite rests powerless on the water at the edge of the wind window, allowing you time to gather yourself safely before relaunching. With a flowing feel, the Quad Control is responsive, straightforward and reliable.
North Kiteboarding Kite Pump with PSI meter North Kiteboarding Kite Pump with PSI meter
A new era of comfort and ease of use has just begun. The North Kiteboarding Pump is easy to use and fits perfectly to the sensational Airport Valve II. You’ll be on the water with no effort and faster than ever before. All parts are robust, friction on the inside is reduced and sand will not be able to get into the inside due to a new membrane system.
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Very boosty and grunty

- 2/26/2017

This is the kite for you if you want to jump big and long! It is stable with medium to light bar pressure and when you send it, you go up and up. The perfect kite for setting jump height records. The fifth line makes for easy re-launch and the bar is very...

Fast, Stable and very Boosty!

- 2/13/2017

Kite is fast but stable and when you send it, you go up, and up. I never feel like I am wanting for more power with this kite but I never feel over powered either. This kite is a jumper for sure. If you want to take over the jumping leader boards with you...

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