2017/2018 North Speedster Combo Foil

2017/2018 North Speedster Combo Foil

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2017/2018 North Speedster Combo Foil

The All New Completely Redesigned North foil leaves nothing on the table.  The Speedster lives up to its name delivering a huge speed range without sacrificing stability.  Whether you are learning to foil, gaining skills as a foil boarder, or are flying high, you'll love the ride of the all new North Speedster.

Performance Features Include:

  • High life and resistance to stall
  • Huge speed range
  • Little speed is required to life off and remain flying
The Speedster Combo Foil comes with a 90cm aluminum mast and plate.  An optional 65cm mast will be available for add on.

Tech Features:
  • Carbon Compound winds and fuselage
  • Included back wing wedge which exerts less force thus helping the beginner control the lift of the foil.
  • Winglets to improve not only directional stability in a straight line but also the ability of the foil to track smoothly through turns.
  • 90cm aluminum mast and plate
  • Mounting screws included
  • Foil total weight ~8 lbs (not including the deck)
  • Complementary fully padded travel foil bag to carry additional parts well as a foil cover which fits your assembled foil.
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