2017/2018 North Speedster GT Combo Foil

2017/2018 North Speedster GT Combo Foil

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2018 North Speedster GT Combo Foil

The Speedster GT Combo is aimed at the experienced rider.  The new wings should give the average foiler about 5 knots more speed, which is an increase of 20% to 25% for more riders.  Moreover, it is easy and predictable to ride and a good wing for learning foiling tacks and jibes.  The front wing anhedral (droop) also helps to keep the wing tips away form the water surface while blasting upwind or carving a hard turn.  The helps to prevent ventilation from the wing tip going too close to the water surface.

Performance Features Include:

  • Higher top speed (smaller projected area)
  • High lift at low speed
  • Gradual, predictable stall at high angles of attack
  • Good turning ability and roll stability
  • Better lift-to-drag ration (less drag)
The Speedster Combo Foil comes with a 90cm aluminum mast and plate.  An optional 65cm mast will be available for add on.

Tech Features:
  • Unique and incredible carbon compound wings and fuselage
  • Formula 1 Fusion Technology / Aluminum mast made in Germany
  • 90cm aluminum mast and plate
  • Mounting screws included
  • Foil total weight ~8 lbs (not including the deck)
  • Complementary fully padded travel foil bag to carry additional parts well as a foil cover which fits your assembled foil.
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