North 2021 Sonar Freeride Foil

North 2021 Sonar Freeride Foil

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North 2021 Sonar Freeride Foil 85cm Mast / 850Front Wing

Your ultimate Freeride Foil setup. A forgiving and well-balanced ride, with amazing performance at the top and bottom end speeds. The Sonar Freeride Edition, with 85cm Mast and 850 Performance Freeride Front Wing, holds lift through gybes and tacks without stalling. This well-balanced Foil System allows easy breach recovery and helps progress your foiling experience to the next level. The Sonar Foil System can be mounted to any foil board with a 165x90mm bolt pattern.

  • 85cm Mass
    • 850 Front Wing


  • Designed for maximum freeride performance. The Sonar 850 carries the lift through all maneuvers and lets you step up your foil game with ease.
  • Anhedral wing profile and swept back outline allows for a more agile flight mode and roll stability during maneuvers.
  • Optimized low drag foil section allows for thrilling top end speeds combined with unseen low stall speed.
  • Lightweight Carbon Sandwich Construction
  • The 85cm Mast is ideal for freeride foiling and increases overall ride performance. The additional length allows you to heel over more, fly the kite lower and power up more. It is also more forgiving in rougher conditions.
  • The aluminium mast's section profile reflects an optimised balance for strength to weight ratio.
  • GeoLock tapered geometry locking connection for optimised load bearing.
  • Tapered to fit Aluminium Mast to Board Adaptor
  • Arc-shaped rear stabilizer provides control and riding comfort, allowing fast pivoting turns and easy recovery from surface-breaching.
  • Rear-wing stabilizer sits upward facing on top of fuselage for greater structural integrity, undisturbed approaching flow and easy recovery from surface piercing.
  • Delivers a harmoniously balanced ride from the lowest wind speeds right through to the top end.
  • Hydrodynamic fuselage with optimised strength to weight, for a long lasting, well balanced foil with minimum resistance.
  • Hydrodynamically-optimised shape for minimal resistance.
  • CNC-machined anodised aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum fuselage.
  • GeoLock transfers the load from the fuselage into the aluminium mast more efficiently for a stronger connection with less flex and a more direct feeling.


  • Sonar 850 Front Wing
  • 85 cm Aluminium Mast
  • Aluminium Fuselage
  • Composite Stabilizer
  • Aluminium Mast To Board Adapter
  • Foil Tool Set
  • Foil Screw Packs A,B,C,D
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Fun, Stable and Fast

- 8/20/2020

Been riding this one for a couple months now and I have to say that this is a very fun foil! It has great stability and is easy on the knees and ankles. While it is on the larger side at 850, you are not sacrificing speed and the increased lift you get ma...

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