North 2022/2023 Reach - Performance Freeride Kite - 35% Off

North 2022/2023 Reach - Performance Freeride Kite - 35% Off

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2022 North Reach - Performance Allround Freeride Kite

The North Reach 2022 doesn't just stick to one discipline. Whether it's going to be a foil, freestyle, big air or kite loop session, the North Reach is ready for it. This year with a new lightweight dacron and improved LE for even better performance!

Key Features:
  • Allround Freeride
  • Three strut design
  • New lightweight N-DURE dacron
  • Easy Relaunch
  • Improved performance

North Reach 2022 Kite is a superbly exciting,  reliable, and consistant allround kite from North for all levels of riders.
The North Reach 2022 is North's most all-round kite. If you could only take one kite with you on holiday, this is the best choice. Whether you want to go for a foil session, big air, kiteloop or freestyle: the North Reach has got it all. Also for beginners a very good choice because with this North Reach you have a kite with which you can discover all disciplines of kitesurfing.

Of course, the new Reach 2022 has received some nice updates from North. This year North introduces a new, lighter, type N-DURE dacron. By using this lighter dacron, the weight of the Reach 2022 has been significantly reduced. As a result, the Reach 2022 not only performs better in light wind, also the overall performance has improved. And that's not all. A new seam on the leading edge and an improved leading edge arc provide smoother steering behaviour, smoother kiteloops and a better response from the kite.

It is clear that the North Reach 2022 is a kite that has something to offer for everyone. The novice kite surfer will love the Reach for its versatile nature, easy relaunch and good upwind properties. If you are a slightly more advanced kite surfer or even an advanced kite surfer, there is also a good chance that the North Reach 2022 will quickly become your favorite kite. Due to the lighter weight of the 2022 Reach, you can now foil with even less wind! Are you just starting out with kiteloops? The ease with which the Reach now pulls loops is unprecedented, the pull on the other hand is minimal, but that's actually not bad at all when you're just starting out. And the North Reach 2022 doesn't back down for freestyle either, the kite gives you enough pop to practice your first raileys and s-bents. In short, are you left behind on a desert island on your own? Bring your North Reach 2022 with you so you never get bored.

  • Freeride | foil
  • Three strut
  • New lightweight N-Dure dacron
  • New LE seam
  • Improved LE arc
  • New ergonomic HyperFlow cap
  • D2 Teijin Ripstop
  • Tip tune options
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