North 2023 Carve Surf / Strapless Freestyle Kite

North 2023 Carve Surf / Strapless Freestyle Kite

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North Carve Kite - Surf/Strapless Freestyle

The Carve is a powerful, reactive and controllable kite, ideal for carving up a wave face, tucking into a barrel or boosting strapless tricks. Engineered with a stable, lower aspect ratio design for fast pivot turns and excellent drift, the Carve has an extremely direct feel in both bar pressure and steering initiation. For 2023, we've put the Carve back into its wave riding category. Refined bridling for a longer, more progressive travel means the kite feels smoother and more responsive throughout the full depower range. It is still reactive when you sheet out, to the very end. Improved overall balance also enhances drift, so when you're surfing, it glides down the line, waiting for your bar input. More intuitive control - especially when the kite's not visible on a big bottom turn, cut back, or in a barrel - means you can focus 100% on the surf. The Carve has a slightly reduced leading-edge diameter and thinned-out profiles. This gives the kite smoother power delivery, improves the high-end wind range, and helps you ride deeper in the pocket for longer. The kite won't pull you aggressively off the rail, and you'll have softer landings when doing big jumps. The 2023 Carve will also relaunch faster in critical situations. We've introduced lighter bladders in all sizes and a lighter 2-ply canopy reinforcement. This reduces weight and helps improve the turning speed in light wind while maintaining the Carve's surf-tough durability. The Carve now flies faster, generating more power and board speed. It rockets upwind. Experienced riders will benefit from the kite's impressive power and efficiency, while intermediate riders will find it offers a smoother, more user-friendly ride. Freeride and Strapless Freestylers will love the improved hangtime and catch for kite loops and softer landings.

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What's New:
  • Longer Travel for improved drift and smoother response - The pressure gets higher as you bring the bar closer to your body. This helps the kite feel smoother and perform more responsively throughout the full depower range. Using the full length of travel helps improve the drift and ensures when you sheet out, it will still react. We've sacrificed a little on the light bar pressure for better drift and more responsiveness, so you generate less speed in your bottom turns and can ride closer to the pocket of the wave. The Carve provides an extremely direct feel in both bar pressure and steering initiation, with intuitive feedback from the bar in both directions, so you'll always know where your kite is.
  • New durable lightweight 2-ply canopy reinforcement - This re-engineered construction adds strength and elongation control, protects the lighter inner canopy, and allows the kite to be more responsive in the steering and depower. Using a lightweight 2-ply canopy reinforcement improves the Carve's static balance and light wind performance, without affecting the strength and durability. The lighter weight helps with the drift and behaviour of the kite and reduces any tendency to front stall in lightwind conditions.
  • Improved wind range with more high-end stability and more hangtime - Strapless freestyle riders will love the improved hangtime and catch, which lets you stay in the air for longer, kiteloop with ease and land softly. Because the Carve has such impressive power and efficiency, we still recommend going a size smaller for wave riding. So, when everyone's on a 7m, you can pull out a 6m. A smaller kite means even less weight, faster steering and better drift.
  • Lighter bladders in ALL sizes - It also improves the overall static balance of the wing by reducing weight in the front of the kite. Bladders make up a bigger weight percentage than any other material used in a kite. The new bladder material is 17% lighter than in previous bladders.
  • Smoother power delivery - For 2023 we've slightly reduced the leading-edge diameter to provide a smoother power delivery. The still-large diameter intentionally produces more drag and helps the rider sit deeper in the pocket. It also allows us to thin out the actual profile in the canopy itself. With less curve through the main body of the canopy and a larger leading-edge design, you end up with less canopy movement or deformation as you ride the kite at lower attack angles or sheeted out. The kite sits a little further back in the window, so that it will run with you as you steer towards it, rather than stop moving or flying forward and front stalling.

Key Features:
  • Refined bridling for improved balance / drift / surf performance
  • Greater response throughout the full depower range
  • New durable lightweight 2-ply canopy reinforcement
  • Improved wind range with more high-end stability and more hangtime
  • High buoyancy leading-edge diameter slightly reduced for smoother power delivery
  • Two-stage arc with direct pivot steering
  • Highest quality low-drag, no-pulley bridle lines
  • Refined aerodynamic profile transition panels
  • Fast-launching swept leading edge design
  • 3x personalised performance tuning options
  • Kevlar reinforced strut system with bridle deflectors
  • HyperFlow rapid single-point inflation
  • Go Green Recycled PET kite bag

  • N-HTRS High Performance high tenacity ripstop canopy
  • DuraLite seam protection
  • Even lighter bladders in ALL sizes  

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