North Sonar SF Series Hydrofoil Wings

North Sonar SF Series Hydrofoil Wings

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Sonar SF Series - Discover what low-speed glide and surf-style performance bring to your ride!

We?ve engineered our Sonar Surf Series for super low stall speeds, effortless pumping and surf-style carving. Ideal for riders wanting more from surf and downwind swells (with or without a wing). The foils insensitivity to angle of attack change forgiveness means you don?t have to be an expert or have perfect pumping technique. A refined balance of roll stability and manoeuvrability gives you confidence during pumping and take-offs, and the ability to initiate powerful rail-to-rail carves. Push it harder, lip stall and lay down banking turns, knowing tip ventilation is a thing of the past. Reduced distance between the mast and front wing makes for faster, tighter pivoting turns. We?ve kept the span similar between the three sizes, providing the same ride feel across the entire size range. The SF promises that frictionless sensation of glide at slower speeds. Responsive and agile. With intuitive recovery. Wakesurfing ten waves back, prone-surfing, wing-surfing, pumping or mastering the downwind. The Sonar SF Series. At one, with it all.

  • Wing, Cover, Titanium Screw Pack

Key Features:
  • Super low stall speed
  • Effortless pumping
  • Surf-style turning (smooth rail to rail and surf yaw snap)
  • Forgiving and accessible for faster progression

Technology and Insights:
  • Technology - For a foil to roll, it must push the water above it out of the way ? less area in the tips requires a lower rolling moment/less force. The moderate anhedral front view combines with a gently swept outline to create a good balance of roll stability, for confidence during pumping and take-offs, and manoeuvrability, for initiating turns with ease.
  • Progress faster - The SF-Wings are easy to pump but still manageable to roll from rail to rail. The area-distribution across the span is tuned to the rolling ability of the wing - less area in the tips helps the foil to roll with lower force from side to side.
  • Effortless pumping - The foil is super forgiving on angle of attack change ? when you?re about to stall, give it one pump, then you're back in the game.
  • Composed glide - The SF can be compared to our highly efficient HA Front Wings ? only with a much lower speed range. Our Sonar HA Series has a phenomenal glide at medium to high speed ? we?ve engineered the same glide into the lower-speed SF-Front Wings. Their aspect ratio ranges from 7.1 (SF1230) to 8.8 (SF930). This can be considered medium-high, however because of the evolved foil section, the stall speed is remarkably low. They can deliver that frictionless sensation of glide at a much lower speed.
  • Responsive turning - We?ve moved the wing back on the fuselage for a better turning response, so you may need to move the mast further forward in the mast track compared to other North wings. Mounting the front wing closer to the mast reduces your yaw stability, so you can initiate turns more easily.

  • Match with S215 Stabilizer - Because the SF front wings operate at such low speed without stalling, you need a stabilizer that does the same. With smaller front wings, you want to upgrade to a smaller stab, but it?s important to match the stall speed. The S215 was created with lower stall speed to complement that of the SF front wings. Advanced riders who are seeking a looser feel may choose to remove the wingtips, using the dashed guideline graphic, to create a completely flat stabilizer with a 205cm2 area.

  • Pre-Preg Carbon
  • Titanium Screws

SF930 North Product code: 85004.230091
SF1080 North Product code: 85004.230092
SF1230 North Product code: 85004.230093

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