On Airlight 110L Inflatable - AK Hydrofoil - Airush Freewing Air V2 - Combo Package - 30% Off Hydrofoil

On Airlight 110L Inflatable - AK Hydrofoil - Airush Freewing Air V2 - Combo Package - 30% Off Hydrofoil

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On Wingfoil Airlight - Inflatable Wingboard - 110L

With zero compromises on performance, the Airlight Inflatable Wingboard is your new wing-foiling or Paddle foiling go-to.  The best priced iWB All Around performance board on the market. We have equipped our proven shapes with additional features to improve performance at the best value out there. The Airlight features a Super stiff bottom carbon plate with track system and hand hold slot.  For adventure seekers or travel enthusiasts, the Airlight Inflatable packs up into a Back Pack, making your next adventure even easier and more accessible.

Hover Inflatable 110L    5'6" x   28" x   6"

  • Corduroy  EVA Deck Pad
  • Fusion Dropstitch
  • Double Layer Rails
  • 2 Leash Attachment Rings
  • V2 SUP Style inflate/deflate valve

Key Features:
  • Double Layer Rails
  • Foil Track System
  • Board Bag
  • Double Layer Rails -On Airlight inflatables are built with a wide, double PVC layer on the rail. This provides great durability, increased longevity, and enhanced stiffness.
  • High Pressure Rated - 15PSI - Our boards are constructed in an all new manufacturing facility with superior glues, materials and quality control.
  • Dual Flow High Pressure Pump
  • Repair Kit

Airush FreeWing Air V2


The FreeWing AIR V2 is now more stable & stiffer, offering more reactivity, acceleration & speed.

The FreeWing AIR is designed for wing foil beginners to down-the-line wing surfers. The deep narrow and forward window position is designed for you to see clearly where you are heading and now with the new aft windows on the bigger sizes ensures your safety while having a great time on the water. The center strut is extra wide where it meets the leading-edge strut, making that connection rigid for more power and stability. Yes, you can now ride faster with more control

For Wing Surfing  the wingtips are angled inward, avoiding the wing from touching the water's surface when starting and surfing.

For Wing Foiling the outline profile of the FreeWing AIR allows it to feel compact in your hands so, it's easy to spin around and you can easily progress and learn new moves.

For Long Distance Wing Foiling The FreeWing AIR is very easy to de-power and together with the harness line attachment points, less pressure is put on your arms and you can ride for longer.

AK Durable Supply - Surf Foil 1300

The AK Surf Foil 1300 was developed as a surf crossover foil to perform in small-to-medium sized waves, and as a light-wind, lower speed kite foil. The rear Anhedral High Speed Wing has been designed for improved carving and surfing capabilities. The intermediate aspect ratio front wing with refined profiles provides the perfect balance between maneuverability, speed, and pumping.

Surf Foil 1300 Key Features:
  • Surf-specific foil, also ideal for light-wind kiting.
  • Medium rear wing for versatile performance.
  • 1300cm Surf front wing.

Surf Foil 1300 Specs:
  • Front Wing: 1300cm
  • Rear Wing: 260cm
  • Mast: 70cm

AK Durable Supply - Surf Foil 2000

The AK Surf Foil 2000 was developed for riders looking for a high lift front wing for wing foiling and heavy-weight surfing. The intermediate aspect ratio wings with refined profiles provide the perfect balance between maneuverability, speed, and pumping.

Surf Foil 2000 Key Features:
  • Intermediate aspect ratio for ease-of-use.
  • Unique profile for great high-speed control.
  • 2000cm Surf front wing.

Surf Foil 2000 Specs:
  • Front Wing: 2000cm
  • Rear Wing: 300cm
  • Mast: 70cm
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