Onda Longboard Skateboard and Trainer Kite Package

Onda Longboard Skateboard and Trainer Kite Package

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Have a ton of fun in light winds with the Onda Longa Longboard Skateboard and Trainer Kite Package. The Onda Longa is the perfect board for kite skating, the unique 7" diameter wheels float over cracks and small rocks that would stop smaller wheels and the dropped deck gives riders a lower center of gravity and more stable ride. The trainer kite harnesses the wind to provide the power to pull you around on the board. The Sensei trainer is the first ever two-line relaunchable trainer kite. Just pull on one line and the Sensei pops off the ground and easily relaunches. It is the most stable & smooth trainer kite on the market today and was named Kite of the Year by Kiteworld Magazine; this kite is truly revolutionary. The Sensei comes ready to fly with the lines and bar hooked up so all you have to do is unwind and fly. The two-line control bar is cushioned, intuitive to use, and doubles as a line winder. Included wrist leash will collapse the kite to the ground by letting go of the bar.


  • Trainer kite ready to fly with bag, control bar, lines, and wrist leash
  • Onda Longa with deck, wheels, trucks, bushings, and bearings


Use of a kite as a power source comes with the inherent probability of crashing it. You must use the included wrist leash every time you fly the kite to have the ability of letting go of the bar to effectively "depower" or "kill the power" of the kite. If you feel out of control or the kite is about to crash, let go of the bar with both hands and it will instantly lose all power before hitting the ground. This is both for your safety and also extends the life of the kite, kite crashes at full power can potentially damage the kite. The wrist leash will keep the kite attached to you so it doesn't fly away, and allows you to easily get the bar back in hand without chasing the kite for relaunch. Never use a trainer kite in more than ~18-20 miles per hour (15-17 knots) wind speed.

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