NEW - Ozone Liteforce V1 - Light Wind Wingboarding Wing

NEW - Ozone Liteforce V1 - Light Wind Wingboarding Wing

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Ozone Liteforce v1 - Lightwind Wingboarding Wing

The Liteforce has been designed by combining different design elements from the Ozone Flux and Flow wings to deliver easy and very effective performance in lightwinds. Without reducing strength and reliability, the weight of the Liteforce has also been kept to a minimum to provide optimal, accessible performance.
Available in two, powerful sizes of 6.6m and 7.7m, both are packed with low end grunt. The compact planform means that when making manoeuvres with a big wing, the tips of the Liteforce are less likely to catch the water.

Key Features:
  • Tuned to get you riding in the lightest winds
  • Compact design for low end torque and control
  • Pre-loaded leading edge with optimised sail shaping
  • Tight, clean and efficient sail
  • Powerful pumping with a very direct feel
  • Sporty, lightweight handling

Performance Features:
  • Very early planing with loads of grunt on tap
  • Huge range with less urgency to change down in size when the wind picks up
  • Efficient pumping with a very direct feel
  • Sporty, lightweight handling
  • Very little drag, which really helps with into-the-wind manoeuvres
  • Clean and easy management as apparent wind speeds build

In the Design:
  • HUGE RANGE AND UNREAL FEEL FROM A BIG WING - Allowing for excellent aerodynamic performance with a longer lasting shape, the proven supportive structure of the 125g performance dacron on the leading edge and strut (as used on the Flux) helps the Liteforce manage wind speeds beyond the limits these big wings would otherwise have. Using a performance dacron material that is rigid and strong has allowed our designers to pre-load the leading edge so that its shape will have far less deformation under load.
  • OPTIMISED SAIL SHAPING AND DIRECT CONTROL - The optimised sail shaping and horizontal panels mean that each seam, from strut to tip, creates a stronger line connection in the sail, distributing the load better along the warp of the fabric, reducing canopy stretch over time. The ergonomic carbon fibre handles with EVA grip provide a super-direct connection for more control in all situations. They also ensure you get every ounce of power from each pump of the wing! The combination of all these features contribute to the Liteforce?s light and agile feeling and unbeatable range.
  • CHORD ORIENTED WINDOWS - Two carefully positioned windows running parallel with the chord of the wing on either side of the strut allow you to get a sense of other water users downwind of you while holding the wing at a normal riding angle. (The windows on the Flow wing are span oriented instead, because riders have more space above the water to move the wing up and down as well as back and forth when using the windows, so a narrower but taller window is best for that wing to offer good visual opportunities at different angles). We always recommend to lift the wing overhead to get a totally clear view of the water downwind before making a manoeuvre.

Only What You Need:
  • Combined with cutting edge manufacturing and the highly skilled craftspeople who apply their experience in our own factory, the Liteforce is born light but genetically strong. We avoid adding surplus features or unnecessary cosmetic items to our designs and only use top of the line materials put through a rigorous testing programme. To be as efficient in flight as possible we have always believed in designing lightness combined with strength in our paragliders, kites and now wings. The Liteforce wings are the latest evolution in this aerodynamic journey.

The other Little Details that Matter:
  • Soft bumper on front handle mount to protect your board and head
  • Knuckle-guard on leading edge de-power/surf handle
  • Lightweight anti-flap fibreglass battens reduce canopy flutter on trailing edge

  • The Liteforce wings have more pure low end grunt for easy power generation in light winds.
  • The Liteforce wings also have less span than the Flux from tip-to-tip which makes it easier to prevent the tips touching the water.
  • The Flux is a more performance-inspired design, capable of higher top speeds and tighter upwind riding angles, but will take a more developed technique to pump the Flux for power in very light winds.

Ozone Design Features:
  • Exceptional Ozone Factory construction
  • Designed with OZ-CAD
  • Rigid Power Handles
  • De-power/Surf Handle
  • Horizontal Panels
  • Internal Reinforcements
  • Overlap Flat Seams
  • Direct Connect Strut
  • Reinforced Leading Edge and Strut
  • Reinforced Trailing Edge
  • Low Profile Aerodynamic Scuff Pads
  • Anti-Flap Rigid Battens
  • Unique Bladder Construction
  • Fast Flow Air Valves
  • Harness Line Connection
  • Easy View Windows
  • Swivel Leash Line
  • Wing Waist Strap
  • Wing Technical Bag
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