Apex V1 MA 1250 Complete Hydrofoil - 90cm Mast/78 Fuselage/210 Stabilizer - Demo - 25% Off

Apex V1 MA 1250 Complete Hydrofoil - 90cm Mast/78 Fuselage/210 Stabilizer - Demo - 25% Off

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Apex V1 MA 1250 Complete Hydrofoil - 90cm mast/78 fuse/210 tail

The Apex V1 MA (medium aspect) performance range is designed primarily for Wing Foiling with endless potential for freeride cruising, jumping, pumping, carving the flats, riding waves or ripping as fast as you possibly can! These wings are also amazing for freeride/freerace Kite Foiling and excel in other foil disciplines such as surf, tow and wake.
With easily accessible lift, pump and glide performance combined with precision and maneuverability the new Apex V1 MA hydrofoil range is ready to take your riding to the next level.

The MA1250 is the ultimate all-round front wing for most rider weights with an intermediate to advanced skill level. The medium aspect ratio and  medium tapered planform provide an ideal balance between lift, glide and agility. The optimised profile offers accessible low-end power (lift at low speeds) combined with an incredible top end range and control at high speeds. This wing really does it all, ultra maneuverable for its size to crank tight turns in the flat through to wind chops or waves. Reliable pumping performance will get you through wind lulls or from one swell to another and back again for more. The MA1250 is also a fun freeride kite foil for light to moderate winds. It has speed, performance, maneuverability and a massive range for intermediate to advanced riders.

Performance designs, light weight, ultra strong full carbon construction finished with a high quality performance surface coating.

Key Features:
  • Full Carbon Construction - Lightweight and Ultra Strong: All parts are constructed with an optimum combination of high-density PVC or EPS foam cores and 100% carbon laminates for an incredible strength to weight ratio. All laminations are comprised of a Quadraxial Carbon fiber matrix with high modulus epoxy resin creating superior rigidity in flex and torsion.
  • Performance Surface Coat - All carbon parts are finished with an ultra high quality coating used in performance marine environments such as Americas Cup racing yachts. This unique coating provides UV protection to the carbon laminate and an optimum surface finish.
  • Titanium Hardware - All screws and barrel nuts are CNC machined from GR5 Titanium with a Torx head fitting, guaranteeing zero corrosion and ultimate strength. Each complete Apex V1 foil is supplied with a Torx Key.
  • Lift and stability Vs. Speed and Manoeuvrability - The Apex V1 MA front wings offer an incredibly wide speed range.
  • Protective Covers - The Apex V1 foil range comes complete with protective covers for the Mast, Fuselage, Front Wing and Rear Wing. Constructed with high quality materials, padded foam layers, velcro closures and storage pockets for screws, Rear Wing Shims and the Torx key.
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