Ozone Enduro V1 Freeride Kite - 35% off

Ozone Enduro V1 Freeride Kite - 35% off

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The Ozone Enduro V1 is Ozone's newest all-around kite for performance freeride capabilities across all disciplines of kiteboarding. The Enduro V1 shaping is based on the 2015 Catalyst design with some upgrades to make it a better kite to cross over between freeride, freestyle, and wave riding with a varial bridle geometery. A quick switch of pigtail knots on the leading edge bridle will easy switch between these three flight modes.

The Enduro V1 design is inspired from the outstanding Catalyst 2015 model. We have refined this all-round kite improving performance for the intermediate to advanced rider looking for a kite that can really do it all. Any style - any conditions - the Enduro V1 will have you ripping!

The Enduro V1 bridges the gap between our extensive range of kites, offering all the essentials for freeriding, freestyle and wave riding. It incorporates an Open-C shape and a swept arc, delivering a large wind range, direct response, amazing handling, boost for jumping and drift in the waves.

For Freeriders the Enduro V1 excels no matter what board you choose to ride on the day. From twintip, surfboard or foil board the smooth power delivery, refined predictable handling and excellent de-power allows you to relax and enjoy the ride.

In the Waves, the handling, de-power and drift opens up a world of opportunity. For surf freestyle the progressive handling with smooth lift make spinning and airborne tricks easy to learn and land. The Enduro V1 is not as dedicated a wave kite as the Reo, but it still delivers solid wave riding performance.

The Enduro V1 makes freestyle progress fun and easy from your first unhooked moves, kite loops and right up to advanced unhooked riding. The Enduro V1 delivers accessible pop and drop making learning technical moves and handle passes easier, without needing to be as aggressive in your riding compared with a C-kite such as the C4.

The Enduro V1 features multiple back line adjustments to customize steering pressure and turn speed. Combined with our Variable Bridle Geometry, this allows you to customize the feeling and performance of your kite.

As with all Ozone products, we pride ourselves with top of the line manufacturing in our own factory using the highest quality materials. The Enduro V1 is constructed with quality proven Teijin D2 canopy material and Teijin Dacron providing a crisp feel and a strong kite.

Variable Bridle Geometry settings

  • Freeride - The Freeride setting offers the ideal balance in performance and feeling for all-round riding in any conditions. This is the factory setting and we recommend you try your Enduro V1 first on the Freeride setting.
  • Wave - The Wave setting decreases the bar pressure, and increases steering reactivity in all states of power and de-power - it is easier to turn the kite while de-powered when riding a wave.
  • Freestyle - The Freestyle setting increases sheeting bar pressure, increases power in the kite loop and increases pop for unhooked tricks. If you prefer a heavier and direct feel this could be the setting for you!

Design and Performance Features:

  • The ultimate all-round, do-it-all kite.
  • Versatile Open-C design ? Any style, any conditions.
  • Freeride, Wave, and Freestyle settings.
  • Performance kite for intermediate to advanced riders.
  • 4-line pulley-less system (no pulleys, no problems).
  • Comparable feeling throughout the size range.
  • One-Pump system for quick and easy setup.
  • High volume inflate/deflate valve.
  • Trimming options for customized handling and bar pressure.
  • Color coded and numbered fool proof line connectors.

Construction Features:

  • Exceptional hand checked Ozone factory construction using the highest quality materials.
  • Teijin TechnoForce D2 canopy material.
  • Teijin Dacron for the LE & Struts.
  • Internal reinforcements for improved durability with double layer Dacron inside the LE closing seam.
  • Double stitched bonded seams.
  • Dacron reinforced tip area for load distribution.
  • Reinforced leading edge and struts in high stress areas.
  • Reinforced trailing edge.
  • Light weight & low profile aerodynamic leading edge scuff pads.
  • Unique bladder construction with double layer section in wear areas.
Package Contents
Kite Only
Large technical bag
Repair pack
Stickers, keyring
All items from Kite Only package
Bar with 25m lines

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Tkb Review: 2016 OZONE Enduro V1

2016 Ozone Enduro V1 TKB Mag Review

OZONE Enduro V1
Sizes Available: 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14m
Sizes Tested: 7, 9, 12m

Our Testers Say:

?Very comfortable to ride with a stable feel and responsive depower; reliable results with no surprises,? Tom Fristoe.

?With smooth power delivery, this kite handles gusts with ease,? Dray Murray.

?A powerful kite that delivers on demand big airs,? Claude Waledisch.

2016 Ozone Enduro V1 TKB Mag Review

TKB Says:

The Enduro is a new kite for 2016 featuring a 3-strut platform with open-C shape and slightly swept back wingtips in a medium aspect ratio that is marketed as an all around freeride kite that does a little of everything from waves to hookedin and unhooked freestyle. Inflation is easy with a high flow Boston valve that requires the larger pump nozzle attachment and the airframe features a single setting fixed front bridle and three wingtip settings for steering speed and bar pressure. Like most C-shaped hybrids the Enduro has a broader steering arc rather than a pivot style turning radius with solid steering response and good overall speed. Testers liked the medium bar pressure and somewhat grunty feel of the kite while the power delivery was relatively smooth. With solid boosting performance and user-friendly unhooked flying, testers recommended the Enduro as a good compromise between hooked-in and unhooked freestyle performance that would also work well in the waves.

2016 Ozone Contact Water Control System - TKB Mag Review

The 2016 Enduro is mated with Ozone?s Contact Water Control System and this is the first year we?ve gotten the chance to review this bar. The Contact is a fixed length bar (38cm, 45cm, 50cm and 55cm) that features a durable plastic sheeting/throw line without a sliding stopper and a single center-line safety depower and a low V for self-landing. The Contact uses an above the bar depower Clamcleat with a magnetic tuning toggle that fastens to the cleat to prevent tangles during depowered riding. Ozone?s Megatron quick release is a push away safety mechanism with an integrated below the bar hand swivel that doubles as a quick release guard. The center lines end in a loop, the outside lines end in a knot, and the bar ends offer the ability to adjust/tune the length of the outside lines but the plastic throw/sheeting line makes the length of throw fixed. The Contact?s bar ends feature integrated floats, soft padded tips for eye protection, and retractable bungees for a clean and quick wrap up job.

Ozone Contact Water Control System Chicken loop  - TKB Mag Review    Ozone Enduro V1 Inflate Deflate Valve

Ozone Kiteboarding Kite Pump with PSI meter Ozone Kiteboarding Kite Pump with PSI meter

Pump your kite with Ozone style with Ozone's kite pump. The pump comes with a PSI meter integrated into the handle for measuring your pressure and also stops you from losing the gauge. Standard and Big Boston inflate adaptors are compatible with most inflate valve types.

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Great Evolution from the old Catalyst

- 4/26/2016

Tried out the Enduro V1 10m last night and had a blast. I was powered in 20mph winds at 170lbs. The kite was very stable in the gusty winds and responsive to fly. I spent half my session on the "freeride" mode and the kite flew a bit more forward in th...

Stable and responsive

- 3/8/2016

Very comfortable to ride with a stable feel and responsive depower; reliable results with no surprises.


- 3/3/2016

A powerful kite that delivers on demand, big airs.


- 2/3/2016

With smooth power delivery, this kite handles gusts with ease.

9m Enduro

- 1/19/2016

Main surprise was how much changing the front bridle attachments changed the kite feel. On the wave setting it was closer to the Reo than I expected and on the freestyle setting it loops very differently than the wave setting, more pull especially in the ...

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