Ozone GO v1 Single Skin Trainer - Complete

Ozone GO v1 Single Skin Trainer - Complete

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OZONE GO v1 Universal Trainer Kite

Designed to bring out the kiter in anyone, the GO V1 trainer kite is smooth and stable with steady response and power to ensure easy progression into all kite sports. With the single skin design, the GO is a bash-proof trainer. The GO will keep going and going, no matter how often it's crashed. 


  • Unique Single Surface kite design
  • Simple to set up and fly, with lines pre-attached
  • Easy-to-use Wrist Leash
  • Performs in a wide range of wind conditions
  • No previous kite experience required
  • Lightweight and compact for easy travel

Package includes:

  • Kite
  • Bag
  • Control Bar
  • Wrist Leash
  • Lines
  • Manual
  • Repair Kit

The unique single-surface design of the Ozone GO generates constant power with low airspeed, resulting in easy and forgiving handling. Having only one layer of strong material means there is no air held inside the kite, which makes it extra resistant to crash damage. With only one surface, it is extremely lightweight and very efficient to pack away.

The simple two-line Control Bar with Wrist Leash gives you the ability to land the kite by yourself. If you feel too much power or are ever caught off-guard, all you have to do is let go of the bar and the kite will land on one line.

Whatever your age is, or your kiting ambitions are, the GO V1 is the perfect trainer kite to get you started in the most exciting new sport on the planet. Children should use in winds less than 10mph and always be under careful adult supervision.

Complete kite w/ bar

Kite size (m?)

0.75 kg (Includes the weight of the package if present)

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