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Tore on first trip

- 1/25/2019

Would not recommend this bag, tore on my first trip (was checked-in).

almost, but not quite perfect bag

- 12/26/2016

4.5 stars. The PKS bag (no wheels) was very light as advertised. I probably paid for half or all the bag by NOT incurring any baggage fees on my first trip with it. I guess the weight and size was okay for regular checked luggage, a pleasant surprise, but I don't expect that with all airlines. Perfect size formy travel gear 1 board, 3 kites, pump, harness, etc. I found packing it to 45 pounds was reasonble on my back and hauling it down the beach (though I dumped one kite at the villa). The straps could be a little more plush, but this bag is about trade-offs. It could have used a waist strap to go with the shoulder straps, but again, weight, weight, weight. It could have used just a couple PVC reinforcements for abrasion resistance too. The corners are going to wear fast. Overall, if you don't travel a ton or you can really benefit from a light bag, this one is excellent. I like the inner zip pocket and the ability to place things like your dry clothes in the outer zip while kiting. Well thought out.

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