PKS Hydrofoil Cover Set, High Aspect

PKS Hydrofoil Cover Set, High Aspect

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The PKS Hydrofoil Covers are designed to keep your foil looking new. No more scratches and dings on your foil from tossing it in your car or truck and no need to worry about the sharp edges of your foil damaging your car or yourself why you carry it around. The covers feature thick padding and durable Cordura exterior with a tarpaulin interior making this the highest quality foil cover set available.  a must have for any foil.

The mast cover features quilted padding, a zipper that runs the full length of the cover, and protective flap inside the zipper so the zipper doesn't rub on the foil.

The wing covers slide easily onto the wings of the foil and feature a velcro closure system to adjust for wings with different wing spans. Flexible cover design will also conform to foils with curvature at the tips of the wings. One of the front wing covers has a zipper pocket to store a tool, screws, keys or other small item which is handy for keeping your foil items together during transport.

These foil covers have been tested and fit on a variety of foils. The low-aspect wing cover set is to designed to fit on foils with a larger, liftier front wing such as the Cabrinha Double Agent, Naish Hover Foil, Liquid Force Foil Fish, and other foils with a similar design. The high-aspect wing cover set is designed to fit on foils with a longer and more narrow front wing such as the LP FRS Kite Foil, Slingshot Hoverglide, Naish Thrust Kite Foil, Liquid Force Happy Foil and other similar high-aspect foils.


  •   Mast
    • Height: 36" (91cm)
    • Depth 6" (15cm)
  •   High-Aspect Front Wing Covers
    • 6" (15cm) at the opening
  •   Low-Aspect Front Wing Covers
    •  8" (20cm) at the opening and taper down to 4" (10cm) at the tip
  •   Rear Wing Covers
    • 4" (10cm) at the opening
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