PKS Full Carbon KISS Hydrofoil Bar v2 - Complete Bar - Ready 2 Ride

PKS Full Carbon KISS Hydrofoil Bar v2 - Complete Bar - Ready 2 Ride

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PKS KISS Control System - Complete Bar - Ready 2 Ride

After more than three years of development and testing, we have finalized the ready-to-ride version of the KISS Kite Bar. The complete Ready-2-Ride bar includes the most requested features like the mini-trim cleat and adjustable leader lines.

Ready-2-Ride Features:

  • KISS Loop
  • Custom Line Length 20-25m
  • Mini-Racerback Clam Cleat
  • Adjustable Leader Lines
  • Weighs under one pound

Bar Options Explained:
  • Bar Size: The bar width can be tailord to suit your needs with 45, 50, and 55cm widths being the standard Sizes. Generally Speaking, a 45cm Bar will be used on Kites 6m or smaller, a 50cm bar on kites from 7m up to 12m and a 55cm bar for kites 13m or larger.
  • Line Length: You can choose the length of your lines to suit your riding style and conditions. Standard line length from factory bars is generally between 20 and 25m depending on the manufacturer. Most Hydrofoil specific bars have lines between 20 and 23m.
  • PKS Micro Leash: A smaller or Micro version of a standard leash that will help to further reduce how much weight you have when hydrofoiling. A minimalist leash that is the bare minimum of what you need as a back up connection to your kite. Video Here
  • Pigtails: The KISS bar comes with Elite 99 fly lines that are spliced and sewn for a very strong yet very clean connection to your kite. If you have pigtail already you cam just add them to your klines, otherwise the Universal Pigtails are a great way to ensure that you can connect you KISS bar to any kite. Adjustable Pigtails give you even more options for fine tuning your kite line length to suit your specific needs.
  • Foil Brake Handle: The brake handle attaches to the outside/steering leader lines. These Brake or Stall handle are used with Foil Kites like the ozone Chrono, Flysurfer Soul or Snow kites to easily back stall and land foil kites.

Bar Sizes / Weights:

  • 45cm - 4 Ounces
  • 50cm - 4.2 Ounces
  • 55cm - 4.8 ounces

Carbon Bar: New from PKS Distribution: the Full Carbon KISS Kite bar. 100% handmade in the USA. Available in standard sizes of 45cm, 50cm, and 55cm with custome sizes available upon request. Colored end connection loops are standard for outside line leader connections.  

Designed in-house by Jeff Howard, the Carbon KISS bar was designed with lightweight foiling and racing in mind. The bar weighs as low as 4 ounces, depending on length, and is the ultimate in simplicity and minimalism.

The Bar comes with replaceable, Red and Blue mini Leader lines with loops to attach whatever leaders suit your riding style.  See Them Here: MIni Leader Lines Video


  • No slip Matt Grip finish- Grips to hands when wet
  • 7/8" outside Diameter 
  • Full carbon Line winders ends with colored loop ends
  • Solid carbon polished center hole
  • Hollow Super lightweight ends. The Bar only does float.
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10 out of 10! Beautiful! Must-have piece of gear!

- 7/19/2022

I am a nut for kite foiling. I LOVE IT. I AM ADDICTED TO IT. This KISS BAR is the best investment in gear I have made, maybe in my entire kiting career. I rave about it to all who will listen! Going back to my old bar would be like going back to "hol...


- 11/10/2021

Literally changed my whole concept of kiting. Traveling, foiling...complete game changer. I picked up my North Trust Bar recently - it felt like a barbell. I'll never go back.

Great customer service, design - Bravo!

Love , love, love my bar!

- 8/14/2020

The PKS bar has really increased my kiting skills . I had a habit of sheeting in too much, which does not allow tbe kite to fly properly, especially when foiling. Because it is so light, the PKS bar helped me break that habit. My original PKS bar w...

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