PKS Kiteboarding Self-Launch Sand Anchor

PKS Kiteboarding Self-Launch Sand Anchor

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The PKS Self-Launch Sand Anchor is another true innovation in the world of kiteboarding and self reliance. If you live in a place where you can't drive on the beach and there are no viable options to hook your self- launch to, this is the product for you. This Self-Launch Beach Anchor can be used to self-launch your kite with nothing around but sand or rocks. This is truly the best Sand Anchor you'll find, because you don't have to drill as with a stake and it folds up into nearly the size of your hand. Also, you can store it with your kite because there are not sharp points or edges to cut your gear unlike a dog stake! Don't puncture your very expensive and important gear with harder-to-use and more expensive equipment.

Tough and durable material (similar to sand-weight bag) will take a beating and heavy-duty webbing will take the load of your kite and then some.

Combine with the Self-Launch Tool or Carabiner and you're all set to launch on any beach or lake shore anywhere!

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Great tool - handy if you're the last on the water

- 3/14/2017

Rolls up and fits easily in my kite bag. I used it in about 18knot winds with an 11m kite and it worked fine. (Recommend to place and fill the anchor in the hole made from moving the sand)

perfect self launch and land solution

- 12/26/2016

I couldn't have been happier. This worked flawlessly and I'm glad I went with the sand anchor, rather than the sand bag. I can now see how you can pile up much more sand, and much faster than dealing with a sand bag. It was also advantageous to have th...

Self kite time

- 8/7/2013

OK i have seen other guys with stakes they stick in the ground etc etc. This thing works perfect and easy to throw in the bag.. great product, thanks guys. Oh and talk about toughness this things going to live longer then me on this planet :)

What took so long?

- 1/1/2013

This is such a great idea and product, I which I had found it sooner. Thanks to Jeff for creating and demonstrating such a safe and easy to use product. The other advantage is that an accidental launch will yank a stake out of the ground, but this will ju...

Self Launch Beach Anchor review

- 10/18/2012

The self launch anchor is then a very handy alternative to a sand screw. It works well if you make sure it is completely filled with sand. It is now permanently packed into my kite bag without having to drag around a large, heavy, sharp sand screw.

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