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PKS Self Launch Tool

- 2/25/2018

The large carabiner is nice when your in wind & you don't want to miss hooking your chicken loop into the carabiner. You've got the chicken loop in one hand with a kite bouncing around & the carabiner in the other. No time to have difficulty making the connection with a smaller carabiner. The foam pad acts as a secure handle when hands are wet. A nicely thought out landing tool. Also make great hooks for hanging kite bags, bars & other equipment. Versatile tool.

A must have

- 10/31/2011

When you get stuck landing on a narrow beach without assist, it sure is handy to be able to hook your chicken loop onto a post or tree and do an orderly landing without twisted lines. Sure, you can make one your self, but this little tool is nicely done.

Great Question

- 9/3/2010

If you haven't seen the video its a must see to all your questions. To see the video scroll down the page on the self launch tool. Just click on the video button and watch. Thanks for your question, this will help others who have the same question.


a question rather than a review

- 9/2/2010

It looks great but ... how do i land my kite with this???? thanks

Works Great

- 8/27/2010

Works Great, very smart design.


- 8/14/2010

Jeff let me try one out at Wildcat and it is so easy to use. Works way eaiser than my old jerry rigged setup. It saves time clipping the chicken loop in and out so you minimize the risk of a out of control kite. Left my first one at the beach and liked it so much I bought another.

Easy to Use

- 8/3/2010

I self launch and land a lot of times just because no one else is around. Been using this one for a month now and have not had any problems.

Works Great

- 5/20/2010

Works Great, very smart design.

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