2021 Reedin SuperModel V2 Performance Kite - 25% Off

2021 Reedin SuperModel V2 Performance Kite - 25% Off

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2021 Reedin SuperModel v2

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After a first incredible season, the SuperModel returns with new improvements to become even more versatile and stay true to it's original mission: A kite that lets you decide how you want to ride.

At Reedin we believe that if a kite is good, it's good for all types of riding and levels. The SuperModel is designed with the goal to have it react and fly to perfection. The main focus is the way it performs, feels, turns, forgives, and is predictable, no matter if we are riding a TT, a Waveboard, or a foil. The end goal being to take your riding to the next level and making your sessions more fun.

One key characteristics of the SuperModel is how it swings out of the turns. This specifically will allow you to keep more flying speed in your kite to create more power while staying very light so you can ride a smaller kite. You can have more constant pull during your turns while riding waves, you will finish your kite loop with confidence, you will land your jumps smoother, and you will be able to steer your kite in marginal wind when riding underpowered on a foil. Our unique design provides incredible stability to make the kite super forgiving while delivering the most glide in jumps. Our Wingtip shape supplies instant response for quick turning to give great punch when sending a jump to easily get high quickly, because in the end, we all like to jump as high and long as possible.

What's new:
  • New Arc Stiffener + WingTip tensioner Leading Edge seam. The Leading seam has been moved in order to add stiffness to the kite's arc in the center while also adding vertical tension in the strut. This new design allowed us to reduce the Leading Edge diameter even further for a kite that flies now, faster, reacts quicker to bar input and points further upwind.
  • Smaller struts for lighter weight and better flex for faster response to bar input & improved low end.
  • New 4m added
  • New LE construction with new internal reinforcements at struts and bridles for an even more durable kite.
  • Improved bridles balancing. Few sizes had their bridles reworked in order to make the whole range even more consistent from one size to an other.
  • Super stiff brildes: Bridles are using pure dyneema lines weaved at low angle de and prestretched to the highest standard for virtually no stretch over time: this translates into a kite that reacts quicker to bar input and that will keep its characteristics over time.
  •  High pressure rated: Our Leading Edge closure seam has been developed with our exclusive super strength thread to make a virtually un-breakable Leading edge. The kite can be pumped past 10 psi with confidence in order for you to ride the exact design that was designed thanks to minimal deformation in the air. Note that inflation pressure is also a personal preference and we recommend lighter riders and people riding in underpowered conditions to inflate their kite a little less in order to get the best turning speed out of their kite.
  •  CNC sewing: Manufacturing quality has been a huge part of the process to develop the Reedin kites, in order to ensure the best quality possible, a lot of pieces on the kite are stitched using CNC sewing machine.
  •  Super segmented Wingtip: The wing tip area is a key element of how a kite turns and engages the turns. Added segments in this area allow for the perfect shape definition of the wingtip. The super segmented wing tip provides the smoothest turning engagement of any kite for maximum efficiency of your steering power. Giving you extremely precise, fast, yet intuitive turning.
  •  High Density Triple Rip Stop Canopy Made by Teijin: The high density of Yarn per square meter makes this canopy one of the stiffest and strongest on the market for the most reactive and best performing kite.

Damien's word:

The SuperModel is really a kite that reflects the real essence of kiting in my eyes: have as much fun as possible when we go out kiting no matter the conditions, being, gusty or steady, flat or choppy, waves or kickers, light or strong. The focus in the design process is really simple, make the kite perform as well as possible while making it as precise, forgiving and easy as possible.
To reach this goal, I spend hours kiting in all types of conditions while analyzing what's happening with the kite. I especially focus on anything negative I can find in order to correct it. I was absolutely convinced that the SuperModel version#1 was the best kite that I could possibly design, but after riding in multiple conditions I realized that it could be improved if I could make the LE stiffer in order to become more stable. After experiencing a lot for wing designs in the past 2 years, I learnt a lot about how to stiffen a LE, so I simply applied this new knowledge to the SuperModel by introducing the "Arc Stiffener and Wing Tip tensioner seam". After testing the first prototype it was obvious that the gain in stiffness was noticeable so I could suddenly add one more improvement which was to further reduce the LE diameter. Reducing LE diameter bring multiple improvement to a kite: it makes it fly, faster and further forward in the window thanks to the drag reduction, it make the kite lighter thanks to the reduction of material for a kite that behaves even better in light wind, and finally it allows for the LE to twist better for better turning speed.
The Wing tip tensioner allows for the Wing tip to keep a better tension in the canopy on the outer wingtip of your turn this minimizes chances of flutter in order to reduce drag, and again provides a kite that turns faster and will swing out of the turn faster. For increased low end and better loops and turns.
On other area that I spend hours thinking and working on is the bridle balancing. Balancing means describes the fact that I want to load to be as aligned as possible between where the kite lifts thanks to the wind flying thru, together with where the rides pull on the kite thru each and every bridle line. This year after many sessions I noticed some slight inconsistencies between some kite sizes and other, I then went back to redesigning and adjusting the bridles in order that the whole SuperModel range feels and reacts the same from one size to an other.

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