Ride Engine Unity Kite Mega Harness Spreader Bar

Ride Engine Unity Kite Mega Harness Spreader Bar

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Ride Engine - Unity Kite Mega Spreader Bar

A fixed hook offers the most direct connection to you and the kite, and now?when coupled with the innovative design of the Unity Spreader Bar?offers unparalleled feel and feedback. If you?re reaching for the sky and chasing big air, a technical rider that loves unhooked tricks, or are looking for the most direct feel for freeriding and hydrofoiling, the Unity Kiteboard Spreader Bar is the key to unlocking your next level of performance. The Unity Kite Mega Spreader Bar comes equipped with a large molded spreader-bar pad. Ideal for big air riders and people who love to push the limits of riding powered.

Unity Direct Connection:
  • Lyte | Elite | Saber
Comprised of two revolutionary pieces, the Unity Spreader Bar and the Unity Ladder-Lock Straps.  The Unity Connection System is available exclusively on our Elite Carbon and Saber harnesses. Gone is the ever-loosening harness webbing, replaced by unique Unity Ladder-Lock Straps that completely eliminate spreader bar rise. Gone are mid-session fluctuations in tightness and fit, replaced by the absolute locked-in feel of our ambidextrous Tension-Lock latch closure. Gone is the critical yet overlooked connection between your body, the harness, and kite or sail, replaced by a next-level spreader bar-system.

Unity Webbing Connectiopn:
  • Lyte | Momentum | Contour | Other Brands Harnesses
The Unity Spreader Bar is also compatible with harnesses that don?t have Unity Ladder-Lock Straps (such as our Lyte, Momentum and Contour harnesses). Simply use the Unity Webbing Conversion Clips and you?ll get the fit and performance benefits of the Unity Spreader Bar?s dual TensionLock latch closures.

Compatible for use on all 2021 Ride Engine harnesses, as well as webbing-based harnesses (when you add the webbing connection kit).*
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