1" Ripstop Sail Tape

1" Ripstop Sail Tape

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Ripstop sail tape is the best way to repair cuts in the sail of your kite. This "peel and stick" Nylon tape will provide the strength needed to repair small cuts in your kite to get you back out on the water. Ripstop sail tape is a clean and efficient repair method which can be easily removed later should you decide on a professional sewn in repair. Available in clear/white and black. The clear tape will blend into any kite color and will be almost invisible when the kite is in the air. The sail tape is 1 inch wide.

Also available in: 2" Ripstop Sail Tape

Shop Note: This is the only repair tape that should be used on the sail of a kiteboarding kite. If the sail color is black, black sail tape will match the best. Any other color will look best with clear tape. It is nearly impossible to match a color to sail tape because of the wide variety of colors and the fact that sail colors fade from sun exposure. Large cuts should always be professionally repaired, but this repair tape can save your session and is a must have item when traveling.


  1. Clean area of kite (can use Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol)
  2. Lay out sail area to be repaired flat on a table and remove all wrinkles
  3. Match up sail using grid in fabric
  4. Round corners of the tape
  5. Place tape over cut.  Do not pull or stretch the tape.  Tape should go beyond the cut by at least 1/2"
  6. Match another piece of tape on opposite side of sail.

*Can also be used on paragliders and sails.

Repair Accessories Package Repair Accessories Package

All your kite repair needs in a nice package with a nice price!

FixMyKite Fix Kit, One-pump Hose Kit, Ripstop Sail Tape, Kook-Proof Pigtails, and the TearAid 2-Pack.

Kitefix Ripstop Refill Repair Kit Kitefix Ripstop Refill Repair Kit

Got a tear in your canopy? The KiteFix Ripstop Refill Repair kit has everything you need to fix a ripstop tear up to 48" with color matching.

2" Ripstop Sail Tape 2" Ripstop Sail Tape

Ripstop sail tape is the best way to repair cuts in the sail of your kite. This "peel and stick" Nylon tape will provide the strength needed to repair small cuts in your kite to get you back out on the water fast. This Ripstop is 2 inches wide
*Can also be used on paragliders and sails.

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Ripstop Sail Tape

- 10/14/2016

This turned out to be a super product, easy to use and very sticky. But the real satisfaction in this purchase was the seller. Not only was the response and shipping VERY prompt, when the seller thought I might have double ordered, he called me. Who does ...

Stick on

- 8/7/2013

I got this tape to do some small sail rip repairs and works great.. note you do want to make sure the sail is completely dry and on a sail cut you want to double it up with one on the top and one on the bottom to match. Still holding after a month of kiti...

Ripstop Sail Tape (Roll)

- 6/1/2012

Great product. Easy to apply and holds strong!

Ripstop tape looks like it'll work

- 11/7/2011

Shipping was fast, product was secure. I haven't used it yet, nor will I have a chance to really test it until ski season starts up. I plan to use it as patches for my gear, like my torn hiking pants, torn ski pants and a burn mark in my synthetic jacket....

Not Clear

- 5/12/2011

The tape is certainly more white than clear and doesn't blend in like using 'no glue' bladder repair tape.
It also didn't seem to stick well upon application, but maybe it needed some bonding time.

Excellent Service

- 1/14/2011

Although all I got was Ripstop tape, and the product is predictably good, the service was outstanding; I had to call to ask some questions and these cats are true professional and knowledgeable and cool; very fast shipping, no delays. Great service and pr...

Good fix!

- 12/10/2010

I tore my 11-meter kite from leading edge to all the way to the tail. Taped it on both sides, and it flew great yesterday! Holds well in cold weather for snowkiting. I was afraid the kite was useless before the repair. No worries now!

Life saver

- 8/20/2010

This product is the best thing I have ever purchased. I ordered some just to have on hand. Sure enough a small tear appreared in my canopy I was able to apply the tape, fix the tear, and Im still using the kite without having a professional repair done.

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