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- 2/6/2010

Got this kite to play around with at the beach. Flys great and super easy to set up. It is crazy how hard the 3m pulls in a good wind.


- 8/16/2010

I bought my sensei 3 about 4 months ago. This trainer is by far the best trainer I have flown. I've flown many trainers from different companies and sensei is the best. I use my sensei with a long board skateboard on the light wind days. AWESOME TRAINER

Kids won't give it back

- 10/26/2010

Hey guys thanks for helping me pick the right trainer kite to get started in the sport, now I know there is a differnce in trainers, and I have to say its always nice to know you guys are there to answer all my questions and spend the extra time. My kids have fallen in love with this kite and always ask me to take them out to fly. The relaunch as you said is very easy. Took a little to get used to but now I never walk back down to the kite. The 2m was perfect for the whole family, but now thinking about getting a 3m for use on my skateboard! Thanks again Jim


- 8/13/2011


It's fun, touchy, exhilirating, demanding.

- 8/27/2011

Tried it out today for the first time. Spent about 45 minutes doing aerobatics. A couple of times it exerted quite a strain. Being new, I'm still learning, but enjoying the experience. I wouldn't want anything larger than this one, which is 2 meters.Sure is fun to play with.

good kite for kite-biking!

- 11/16/2011

This trainer is very stable and noob friendly. You can bang it against the floor and it will easily relaunch. I have also used it for kite-biking, land-board-kiting, kite-buggy, kite passing (just let the bar go and get a friend to catch it in the air downwind from you). It would be a good idea to attach a leash to one of the lines so your noob friend wont loose it in a tree or something.

this Kite is Awesome

- 3/25/2012

I got my kite last summer and every chance I get I put it up in the air. I live in Bakersfield and don't get the best wind, but when it is good, this kite is great, I have used to to for mostly just learning and aerobatics fun! Yesterday I had 15 to 17 MPh wind and had a great time, until the kite nose dived! This kite will normally just bounce back up and launch every time! This time it did to, but when it got back up I noticed 2 baffles on the left are ripped. I will absolulty be ordering a new kite before the end of the weekend. I have enjoyed this kite and I am sure I will enjoy my new one just as much!

Go big on your kite

- 4/27/2012

Absolutely love my Sensei III and am glad I got the bigger kite. Great physical workout and a blast to fly!

Love my Sensei

- 2/15/2013

Ok I have been kiting for many years, buggy, water, snow. I have to say this little trainer kite has to be my favorite kite of all. When the winds are low Im on my long board cruising, the stability is nuts, you can run at it. Then I pull it out everytime someone wants to learn how to fly.. Mine is getting so warn out after 3 years of use and many people trained but still flies perfect.. If you ever get the chance to compare a trainer to trainer the Sensei will blow them all away. Sensei is a great name, this thing is a great teacher! Almost time to buy another one.

Great Trainer Kite

- 3/4/2016

I flew this trainer kite before I took my lesson, as suggested by the Instructor. The Trainer really help me out with my lesson. It was a true feeling like flying the bigger kite. Totally worth purchasing, using for your training, family, or just for fun at the beach.

Trainer kite Sensei

- 5/27/2017

No assembly everything you need fantastic and easy to fly in Guam and fly on light and heavy days no regrets

Easy to fly, launch. Tons of fun.

- 5/30/2017

Had a blast playing with this kite. Easy to use, easy to self launch. Really nice to have a less powerful kite to play with so you can learn kite control. I go the 3.5 so I could feel a little power from the kite.

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